Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Unique Realm of Life

I am an individual and I am unique to this world. Like every living being on this planet, I celebrate my uniqueness. I am in this world and this world is in me. I metamorphosed from a single celled organism into a complex human being. That’s unique. I learnt to make meanings from the sounds that I heard and made those words communicable. Later I learnt words, speeches and then exploded into the languages I speak. This too is unique.  

I haven’t known any other place in my life and I was now in the north eastern state of West Bengal-Unique. Here I attended school, I saw many like me-Unique. Some black, some pink, and my bunch of the brown were addressed as meat-eaters by our Indian ‘uniques’. The hostel master, beat many like me for stealing (edibles) from the pink ‘uniques’. This too is unique.

I attended high school, now with most ‘browns’. I haven’t forgotten the brutality of life in a hostel. I was served potatoes three straight meals a day-unique. Here I began to fall in love with ‘Phika Jha’-unique. My crony sisters brought me pickles during meals and I loved it for I handed them packets of smoke candy-unique. 

Then came the university-all the way unique. I enjoyed this formative time. I learned the real emotions of the world. Love, hatred, anger, jealousy, greed, you name it. I fell in love-Unique again. She left for a drunkard making me another drunkard-bloody unique. I topped my department despite the grief reliever-drinks. Isn’t this unique? 

Now I work and I had been doing so for the last six years-Unique. Uniqueness is what separates individuals from each other. If everyone shared the same qualities what’s the different thing about being an individual? There’s no difference. So celebrate uniqueness whether you are friend, husband, wife, brother, sister, aunt, mom, cousin, uncle or a human being at least because some might forget that there is too little time in this ‘brief’ called life, the unique realm of life.

It is too early to draw conclusions about my life in particular because I still have a lion share of my years to live. If I delve into the years lived till now, it was nothing short of fulfilling and edifying. My 27 years of life up until now has taught me valuable lessons, unforgettable experiences and hordes of other factors that make me up-unique.
Thanks for reading.

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