Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marriage- Alacrity (Not my cuppa tea)

Last night my mother called me up and I am sorry to say this but I think she was bit off at her friends. She called me up to know for sure what I was exactly up to. I mean my age is the age of worry for parents. Why so? This is the right time they tell me to settle and to ‘tie the knot’. I am perfectly fine with my single-hood and in fact I am having fun living so. My single-hood has become a source of perennial worry for my parents and some of the people who know me. 

May be at this point of life, it is generally considered to be the ‘right’ or ‘ripe’ age for many single people like me. And here’s a thing my father is fond of saying, “Rho gi alu bom jowu dha, rang nyen ra ma chap ba”. (When others have their kids growing, you are yet to marry). Also, my bosses often mention to marry the person that loves you and likes you, blah…blah….blah…

Is matrimony everything in life? What if a person chooses to live by his own rules and philosophy? What is the problem with that? When someone likes to raise a family there is no problem then why is that single people when they choose to live alone is a problem? A million dollar question perhaps! I like spending some time alone everyday and I like the company of friends as well. Life’s best moments for me are those that I spend alone-thinking and reflecting and writing.  

In a conversation or in any informal gossip, the talk of marriage eludes me that the very talk makes me sick. I once began to think this world runs with marriage. Let me make a point, I have always relied on my instincts up until now and I want to continue doing so for the rest of my life. I don’t like the idea of working on someone else’s instincts. I cannot deny my mother either after all; all that I wished for is her well being and happiness. As of now she hasn’t mentioned that her happiness lies in me getting married but I fear it is dangerously close. So, I put this here as a blog post because I feel the worry shared when I write and put my thoughts in writing. I cannot confront my parents and friends alike. Whatever I feel I just write it down. I seek knowledge, not raising a family at least for now.

I have a respectable job, I earn a decent salary, I have friends-far and near, I get drunk at times, I do things that I like doing it, I like to read, I can communicate with acceptable accent and fluency, and all in all I am an average human being with social inclination. I am happy now.
The term ‘marriage’ is an alacrity for many but elusive for humans like me. I would like to end my post with a single line  
Dear Mother,
I don’t want to get married and I mean this in every sense of the word.
Your Son,

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