Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bizarre and Outrageous!

It is considered perfectly ordinary for youngsters to party. Well everyone has that young nature that makes them enjoy a bit of wild nature in them. For me it has become a weekly affair. Not that I waste my earnings on partying but the place where I dwell has no theque-s. I have been staying in this place for the last five years and I have become used-to staying home during weekends, washing, cleaning and all those stuff you know. I have had friends who like to party and this place have some party once a year during the New Years Eve. The enjoyment is, as I was told, everyone knows everyone unlike the nights in Thimphu where one sits near the counter and stares at those unfamiliar young and pretty dancers having a good time. 

I reside in what arguably is one of the remotest districts in our country and it lacks recreation. The only ‘recreation’ is to fill your tummy (sorry for the slang) with gallons of beer. One of those mundane days, I met my high school buddy after a pretty long time. I was so glad to find that she hasn’t changed a bit except for her hair and she’s put some mass. Then we relived our days and times together and it was a ground nostalgia down high school memory lane. I know a couple of friends (all ladies) from the other ‘office’ who share the some similarities with me-frank, out-going and completely nuts at times and yes we are all a bunch of bizarre beings, at least by our standards. Sorry ladies! And mostly we freak out to a turn during weekends and it’s our hot spot. We‘ve been there even during the rains and nobody dare stop us on other dry days. It was on one of those nights that I thought about writing. We all deserve a mention for we are bizarre and outrageous. Sorry again! Let me run you down the company that I keep! These descriptions are in no way what they are but what I know of them. Readers’ discretion is advised. 

On one of those bizarre and outrageous nights
Pams-the high school friend of mine who recently brought herself to this place professionally. She drives a huge car. All other ladies love getting into her car for all sorts of local travels. She and I have and share similar thoughts as both of us grew up in the southern belt when we used to think P/ling was Bhutan’s New York. The good thing about her-she’s a part perfectionist part realist. She’s damn serious about her work, life and friends. And she took all the ladies to wash her car once and this made me proud and they only knew how to get in and out of the car forgetting what it takes to clean a huge car. Cheers Pams and I hope that you keep this routine going every week. At least, some of them will lose some weight, oops!

Sofia-Another bizarre buddy! She was once a low profile being and she is a woman of reasons. ‘Low profile’ because she seldom comes out and one hardly sees her around. She also has some mass and she smiles a lot. She’s got the most beautiful smile among us and maybe that’s the reason why she’s now married to a Thimphu guy who is equally smart and possesses a gentleman nature. On one occasion, I saw my ladies out of control, that Sofia laughed her heads off on seeing me and declared, “Hey I am d***k man, ha ha ha ha” and instantly threw herself towards the bed with a huge ‘thud’. All in all she’s gentle and a nice human being to the rest of the world.

Enter Dems. She just came this year and she is another ‘rowdy’ woman. On sober days, one cannot even afford to talk to her because of her seriousness. But the moment she laughs there is a juxtaposition of her personality. She is not serious by nature but people find her so. When she laughs, she isn’t miserly and laughs with all her energy and zeal. It’s real loud man, pretty loud. On the same night at Sofias’, “Let’s go outside” declared Dems. Was it loud? C’mon she was roaring and later I heard her roar woke the neighbor up. Poor neighbor!

Chinki-the prettiest among our gang! Looks can be deceiving and this is what Chinki is all about. She is a sweet woman who always cares and thinks of her pet ‘Dani’. Dani must be fed at the cost of her gangs rumbling tummy. Sorry Chinki, truth can be mysterious! She loves dancing while high and if we let her dance is a circular group, she will literally disappear after a number or two. We again have to drag her back to the group. We drag her because, the place we hang out is dark and we always worry that she will go off track and sleep in some hedges and bushes nearby. She also has her share of bizarre act at Sofias. Great!

Now for the last one- Pabs! She reminds me of my elementary days in India with her personality and attitude. She is a devout Hindu and possesses a strict routine for all things-punctual and a woman of principles. Madam Leena Rana was my favorite teacher and Pabs reminds me of her. She taught us grammar. We in the group look up to her for she is a year older to most of us. I am not sure what makes Pabs and Pams a fierce mortal adversary. They dominate the majority of our time together-debating and making fun of each other. They make us laugh wildly. 

For my description of who I am and how bizarre and outrageous I go is in the discretion of my ladies to disclose. I would happily accept their observations but if it do not please my ears or my eyes then, “Hey ladies, watch out ek kay gooshi dintshu hai”. Ladies, now is the time you shower your accusations on me. Go ahead! I will be waiting and I know Pams will be on my side…How about this weekend ladies?

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