Monday, October 8, 2012

Freaking out is just another word

Recently, our office people thought of plan to go out on a picnic to some distant place and that distance is exactly 43 in kilometers from where we office-ed. Like in a typical picnic, several of us were meant for the so called ‘advanced’ team. Our job was to make and arrange things for the next picnic day. We did what we were expected to do, arrange the pots, boil the meat and keep all provisions ready by the dawn of the next day. After dinner, we arranged our beds; mine was in the car by folding the rear seats. It was pretty comfortable. In the midst of arranging the ‘car bed’ I left my car keys inside with the music on and then got out and slammed the rear opening shut. After shutting it down I realized I did a blunder. Now I cannot get in. I panicked, freaked out and my mood was worse than hell. Now do what?

This was my problem just yesterday, photo courtesy: Google
It was pitch-dark. The only light was the stars in the sky and some solar lights from the shop nearby. We made a good bunch in the team and everyone loved to drink beer. I drank some and then made calls after calls to my friends 43 kilometers away to get the spare key from my place. At least, the cell phone was with me. I did call a potential friend who agreed to get into my apartment and bring the key. It was one something am. The oldest one among the team consoled me with elderly talks and listening to his talks I gulped bottles after bottles. The other friend did get into my apartment and got hold of the key and he was on his way.  

Just then we heard vehicles plying and it struck the mind of the eldest in the team. We stopped a lorry only to find out he was of no help. Then a similar looking cab to my car came and he came as a blessing in disguise in the dark of the night. He unlocked my car in split seconds and before I could say “Thank You” he zoomed towards his destination. 

Thank you to the cab driver and this incident taught me life does hold potentials of hope even in the darkest of times.You just don't freak out!

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