Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It’s none of your business- Measure for measure

Every office is a set up of personal juxtaposition and rowdy opinions, keeping the professional murmurs aside. It is this exuberant outburst of ill thoughts that metamorphosed from the very attitude one possesses. If a colleague has caused you much harm than good, what is the point of befriending a crony crook? Likewise, if one do not admit one’s mistake that’s a hypocrite in all sense of the word. These breed of beings are present in all sections of society. I grudgingly bet! Let me make it clear that I too have attitude problems and I do admit my mistakes.  

But of late, I was told about so many things that aren’t true. The truth is I was down for two miserable days and I did everything that is expected of a decent civil servant before getting anywhere near medication. I had trouble with all smells and stinks, whether be food or shit. I literally was down and the fact that I put up alone became a topical gossip for some colleagues and cronies alike. Those talking behind my back must have had a good time-passing conversation. Even the people placed above you don’t seem to understand you when I understand them to the fullest-the seemingly official orthodox dating back to the old school of thought. May be they belong to Mars and don’t have the capacity to understand the language of the humans on earth. Extraterrestrial perhaps! I GRUDGINGLY RESPECT THEM. This place itself is another suited dwelling contributing to such unhealthy nemesis about each other. (Some told me to put bombs into their mouths)

I will one day teach the differences between ‘points of view’ and ‘viewing points’ to those colleagues and make them realize that there is “opportunity in ever calamity”. Tonight I shall raise a toast for I am proud that they didn’t say anything to me but digested themselves. What has been a wrong doing in one, I will hold this dearly in my heart and one day pour the rage out in another. I will not explain, clarify or clear-up. (Why should I? C’mon, give me a break!) But I will rejoice to see them burn in the inferno of shame and guilt in a crowd. That I will do and I promise my mother! How I wish this opportunity to creep in soon?

These cronies are the decisive agents that make most of the running in the office possible, although they get paid for doing something else. If I were them, I would panic in guilt at every end of the month while thinking ‘salary’. Why isn’t this phrase, ‘just do your job and leave things to its due course’ into everyone’s head? Why talk about people and their lives? Is that someone causing trouble to your professional or personal life? Is that someone having an affair with your spouse? Has that someone raped someone very dear to you? Is that someone single and wanting to sleep with you?  Is that someone having a good time that it hurts you right from your eyes to your heart? Is that someone so pretty that it makes you realize that you are just as ugly? Is that someone so broke that it satisfies you to own some temporary riches or vice versa? Is that someone a flirt that you envy his/her gender? So on and so forth....This is my American response to all these talks behind me;

As long as my belly is filled and happy, I don’t care about this f***-ed up world’. 

I would like to share an anecdote from my high school days, Tempa sitting in the corner of our chemistry laboratory declared to the teacher who was busy scribbling some chemical equations, “Sir, the rain is raining” to which without even looking at the children, “Let them rain” replied the teacher. To those talking behind my back I would like to reiterate, “Let them rain whatsoever”. I can sum up this entire essay in two words-Office Politics! You may wonder what the heck office politics is. In plain words, it is talks about colleagues to other colleagues to defame the person talked about. People can be defamed only with deception and faults. And for the good, nobody cares to talk about it or notice it for that matter. 

I am having fun, I like doing so, and I don’t give a heck about what others think of me. As long as I am fine, why on earth do they talk about my-life-my-things? It’s none of their business. Things do give me pleasure. At times I get pressure. Pleasure sometimes to almost a seizure, so measure for measure, the pleasure far outweighs the pressure. And yes, “Let them rain (straight to hell) whatsoever”. 

Thought for the day: This world would have been a better place if we talk to each other instead of talk about each other! Have a nice day!


  1. Hi Lobzang Sir,

    I enjoy reading your write ups. its always fun and refreshing to read your articles.

    If I may make a small suggestion, how about changing your background or the whole template of your blog....because the white text looks glaring and it aches my eyes.. i presume many readers feel the same......Sir this is my sincere feedback...

    there are so many cool templates available online. to choose one you can either go to passu sir's blog and or to the net directly.....

    thank you

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  2. Dear Kuenzang,
    Thank you so much for the comment. I have always had this feeling in my mind about this template and yeah sure I will soon. If it pleases my friends like you I surely will. Well Passu is my long time friend since college and I will take your suggestion.
    Thank you Kuenzang,



  3. Nice post, Lobzang sir. It's sad to learn all this things. I liked the thought for the day at the end of your post. Keep writing.

  4. Thanks Langa Tenzin for your comments!