Monday, March 25, 2013

The (Anupam Kher) lady and the (Sridevi) girl of Hongkong market-Abuse in action!

Disclaimer: I am not a hindi movie fan nor I watch hindi soups but the terminologies used in this write up perfectly describes the situation. Reader’s discretion is advised and you can draw your own conclusions over my observation.

The other day, on a mundane drive just above the Norzin Lam lane, I saw an elderly rich lady and a frightened young girl. Her appearance made me conclude that this girl is either her house maid or a nanny. I stopped for a while attending to a call and then I saw this elderly lady take out half and untidily packed luggage’s similar to those carried during our ancestors time, from her polished land cruiser. The whole scene made me think that the lady is throwing this babysitter out of her house. 

The lady was a fierce looking master and the girl, helpless and almost in the brink of tears. The lady with expensive outfits and a half jacket was taking things out as if she was throwing some waste out of her house. The girl standing beside her car looked at those things with unimaginable helplessness. I could see injustice, ill treatment and misery in her eyes. 

In the following paragraphs, I have voiced my opinion and I am in no way qualified to say whether the girl or the lady was wrong.

How do Thimphu-ites get these house maids and nannies? Did the urban rich and middle class bring them to be mistreated? If nannies make some curable mistakes, does this mean that the masters are well behaved in conduct? All middle class require nannies for babysitting and this has become a social ill making young innocent girls become victims of child abuse. If our society accepts such practices and if we cannot do away without nannies at home, then it is not the problem with those nannies but with their seemingly wealthy masters. The masters want their workers at home to behave in the best acceptable manner and they show no responsibility as a biological parent. Children of such homes are what we now see as hooligans and push outs of society with cash. Cash is what they got when parents had no time to spare and cash is what they have as friend. They became push outs in the very first place for the pride associated with cash they got from their inhuman wealthy dads and moms. 

Can the elderly be more civilized and human while dealing with nannies? I am told of some Bhutanese nannies in the west experiencing the same there. To those, nanny-ing abroad, I say that your Bhutanese masters here are in no different situation. This is bloody slavery and inhuman in the most developed town of Bhutan. Most abuses go unnoticed and unreported but now people are coming in public to ridicule, mock and insult the very people who took care of their tempered babies and spoilt brats. 

And coming back to the scene of abuse, how I wished, she could have settled this at her home treating the girl more humanely. I saw Anupam Kher in that lady and Sridevi in the girl after watching Chalbaaz (A hindi film) a decade ago. Dear readers, do you have a nanny at home? If yes, then please behave! As informed citizens let us not multiply more Anupam khers and Sridevis! LOL but this no laughing matter!

Good day folks!

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