Monday, August 26, 2013

The unsung hero of Zhemgang LSS!

Disclaimer: I have written briefly about a person whom I know and this write up is in no way intended to defame him. It is perfectly out of the urge to write something and reader’s discretion is advised. I sought his permission to write about him and it’s granted. My thanks to Kunzang T for suggesting the title. Happy reading!

Perhaps an admonition that one is not great unless one is above the other and being above means a lot of things. This is a write up on a personality which truly makes one feel how can this person say, “Yes” to all. A few years ago I wrote a book, “beyond the call of daily life” in which a chapter is written solely for Nidup Wangdi, the caretaker of Degala CPS. I have described him in detail and I meet him even now when he comes for official purposes to the Dzongkhag office. I named him the Good Samaritan. 

This morning I took some pictures of flowers and in my trial of getting a perfect shot, I stumbled upon Indra Bdr. Rai, the caretaker of Zhemgang LSS. I see him every day going about his daily chores at the school. Usually he frequents the Bank for deposits and withdrawals of other teacher colleagues, as for me I am a broke teacher. LOL! 

Every morning, he (at times his wife) comes to the respective classrooms bringing notices, letters, substitution for classes etc. and nobody thinks out of the box about the work he’s doing. This thought caught me and I had three free periods. That’s when I thought of writing about him, with his due permission, of course!

Indra Daju
Indra Bdr. Rai commonly known ‘Indra Daju’ is survived by 4 kids and the eldest is in the IVth grade. He belongs to Dagana. He first came to Zhemgang as a worker for the PWD and later became a bull dozer operator. He later became a gardener in Zhemgang Dzong before joining Zhemgang LSS in 2000. I am quite versed in the Lhotsamkha dialect and this information is a direct result of the interview I had with him. He tells me it’s hard for him to make ends meet and after curtailing the hard earned money it’s just enough to survive. He also takes care of his mother residing with him. He is a hard worker, deeply religious and a helping personality. He is Indra Daju, our school caretaker. Perhaps, another Good Samaritan! 
I have written this in appreciation of all caretakers across all schools in our country for the wonderful job they are doing however small it may be.