Friday, March 18, 2016

Calling spade, A Spade!

Back in 2011, when I was teaching my eighth graders, a girl in the front wrote an essay. She wanted me to correct it. As I went through the essay, it mentioned of the karmic actions and the circle of karma. Cause and effect basically. She ended her essay with a dictum, ‘what goes around comes around’. This put me into thinking, an eighth grader who wrote so well about life, religion and optimism.

Five years on, this ‘going around-coming around’ maxim just played its part and I witnessed it live, gave me a sense of relief and satisfaction.  I am no different. Pardon me, my phonetics and transcription is bad. Kay Gha Na Chi- Birth, happiness, sickness and death is a universal truth. Someone I know just doesn’t understand this. I bet the word ‘righteousness’ must be alien.

Someone of ours simply wasn’t able to work, some real bad things were happening to the health. To this others opinionated in not pretty good ways. The very person who spoke bad earlier, was bed ridden. Never have I been pleased and satisfied on hearing such news. How I wish to say…Birth, happiness, sickness and death right on the face of this figure.

Sickness comes to everyone and these miserable’s mock at others for their sickness are mentally sick. This of course is much dangerous than being sick physically. When that happens, I will just remember my eighth graders essay-What go around must come around... Mental sickness can only be treated in Ranchi, Bihar. (At least that was what I was told, when I was a kid). They got no place amongst us.

Everyone suffers from sickness and I don’t intend anyone to like my post either because this is just my idea of getting relieved from whatever disturbs my head but the bottom line once again is, everyone falls ill. And just as I end my blog, what’s wrong when you call a hypocrite, a hypocrite? A spade a spade! Selfish, greedy and self centered people (Hypocrites) are everywhere. They come in all forms... friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances and worst of all as leaders. These are jaundiced who see everything yellow.

What’s wrong in calling a spade, a spade?    

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