Monday, March 7, 2016

Do you park your car out in the open?

This is my fourth update on the safety issues which residents of Thimphu face on a nightly basis. We reside just metres away from the community police office and yet the crimes, vandalism and nightly disturbances continue. The media reports it and a sense of relief runs through many of us. After a few days we are back to the status Quo.

Vandalizing cars and homes have become a nuisance and to even hear about these incidences has become routine news. When others lose their car belongings it just a routine anecdote to hear, but when that happens to you, it’s a frustrating undertaking to mending and fixing the damage. Every night someone loses things from their cars. It’s a reminder not to keep things in your car. I did the same but the very next time, your spare tyre is stolen. In the dead of the night, someone bangs my car and runs off. I had been a victim of many such incidences in the past.

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I happened to report this to the nearest RBP station and they take down all your details and location only to hear nothing from the other end. We are so preoccupied with living one’s own life within the cocoon of our apartments that whatever happens outside is not my f***ing problem. When your car gets vandalized then you realize we aren’t safe anymore and begin worrying about replacing or fixing your car. Do you park your car outside in the open? Think again!

I see only the traffic people going about their job in various locations and the other men in blue; I wonder if things must be reported to them so that they are justifiable enough to investigate. If a crime is not reported, is it kept as it is? Shouldn’t they patrol the streets and places? Just orienting kids won’t bring down nuisances. What about the lots that aren’t into orientation and who roam about not realizing what time is day or night.
My worry is, this time I am the victim of a car robbery. Next time it could be you or anybody. Just by reporting if the authority investigates, just how many reports is our authority willing to compile keeping in mind we are the residents of Bhutan’s largest city. Did I forget to mention we reside in the capital city? Is our capital city safe and secure during the nights? I  grudgingly beg to differ!

Or is an investigation legitimate only if reporting is done? Are there no other means whereby such vandalism is curbed? This update is just a lopsided irritation that I underwent thinking of men in blue who aren’t doing enough to reduce crimes or whatever. And for those who own a car, I am sure you do and who don’t have a private parking, please do think about what I just mentioned.

Good day folks!

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