Friday, October 21, 2016

My Double Trouble- Vol. II( I never knew Love)

I was reading through an e-book in a borrowed Kindle Paper White and my thoughts suddenly went to my two sleeping daughters’ right beside me. I remembered parts of this poem and I still had difficulty tracking down the poet.  I read it on Facebook some years ago. After hours of browsing I finally came to the name Maurice Yvonne. It was like a wild goose chase in the internet. This poem best describes my love for my daughters. Some of the lines are of my own. With due respect to the poet...
Azhim 2
Azhim 1 
For every tear you shed from hurt
physical or emotional
For every tear you shed from shame
rightly or wrongly

My loves
my heart sheds a beat

I never knew love
 Azhims with Mom
Until I knew you
I love you both
from my tippy toes
to the peak
of my silver threads

Don't hurt my dears
But when you do
I will hold you tight
Encase your fears
Minimize the pain

And when my heart bleeds
or slightly feels a crack
It's because my daughters
your lives before mine.

I love you so much girls...