Friday, July 20, 2012

Foretold love !

This is a story about a young lone voyage of a boy in his early twenties, the voyage of love. He always dreamt of a beloved who would patiently wait for him by a utopian shore anticipating his return. He was a sailor in the making not by chance but by his love for the seas and the adventures associated with it. Although riding the high tides for a pretty long time, he never missed a thought of meeting a girl someday and raising a family of four.
He was Odysseus of his time and the luck wasn’t by his side. After two arduous years of sea adventures, the time had finally come for him to land, the literal-real land. Contrary to his dream, there was no one waiting for him on the shore. When he scanned the shores he felt that dream is what dream means. It remains a dream. He swept his mouth with this left hand and stepped on the land.
In the midst of the people busy in the market chores, he glanced at the diverse and varying people as the place was a busy trading port. A child claimed to be a fortune teller and he was awestruck at the facts foretold by the child. He tried his luck on this child. “Boy can you see my fortune?” “Why not mister, can you tell me your name?” cried the boy.
Glancing at snaps, the boy told the man about his future partner. “She is a noble woman and you will have three children from her”. “I have always dreamt of a woman waiting for me by a sea shore” and quick came the reply, “but you will die when you see your youngest child reach seven”.
“This is not something that you forced upon me but it is something I chose to be” uttered the man.
He later found that woman and lived to see his youngest child die......

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