Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Children’s Trash Park!

I made my day out last weekend to the famous Ap Gengyen shrine at Dechenphug.  Well, mentioned by Ap Bokto in one of his add, “take only fruits or cash” as offerings and avoid offerings wrapped in plastics. This magic worked in me and I am proud to share this that henceforth I will continue to offer either cash or fruits. I frequent this shrine on a monthly basis. I also avoid auspicious days due to the crowd. Now the practice of offerings made is changing. 

I felt a heightened sense of being responsible. A good deed done perhaps! I also saw many students- all school going (maybe) doing what Ap Bokto advised us and I smiled faintly at the gesture our young people make on such visits. Television has at least made them do some good; otherwise you know how our kids are these days. But adults still hold unto their ritualistic attitude. Many had come with the all traditional-plastic offerings. The young learned and for the adults, how I wished if they could follow the young.

On my way to the shrine I also saw cars being parked on the sides and I worried for not being able to get a parking but to my amazement the parking lot was half empty and those cars beside the roads were for some family outings. I am sure some waste out there was being generated.
For the afternoon, I took my baby and wife to the famous centenary children’s park upon the invitation of my brother and my nephews. The sights and scenes at this park made me write this update. The famous park has now become a weekend destination for children and adults alike. We know our attitude, ‘if everyone is responsible, it’s nobody’s responsibility’. As Bhutanese, we know our infamous Doma habit. The place was littered with Doma wrappers-plastic and papers. If you don’t believe me take a look especially where hedges are grown.

This park is a public place meant for recreation and it was also used by some for family gatherings with lots of chairs and lavishly spread out dishes. But the worrying consequence was the trash they left behind. The gathering by its scale was meant for not less than fifty people. I was wondering if this public space can be used for private purposes.

The all-knowing people visiting the park cannot understand ‘Use Me’. I presume! That’s what I thought because the poor ‘Use Me’ bin was unbelievably clean on the inside. There was a canteen which catered to fast foods and ice creams. The wrappers were thrown all over and plates, cups and glasses were unattended. Empty mineral water bottles and tissue papers predominantly topped the list when it came to waste in the children’s park.

Please do share this post for the betterment of our places of recreation and city at large because ‘willful waste brings woeful wants’ and please don’t forget to spread the message that, ‘it is error alone that needs intervention, truth can stand all by itself’. The truth here is trash folks.

Let us clean our brains first and the drains later-Ap Bokto

Good day folks!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Some deserve to be Guillotined

Disclaimer: I am sorry for the rude and insolent words that I have used in my update and very sorry for the wacky title as well.

On my way to the famous Sabji Bazaar, just while negotiating a turn, my spouse cries, “Aiee” in a pity tone. I too looked and I was amazed at what I saw.

A middle-aged woman with an infant in her lap, just by glance, the baby in her lap wouldn’t be more than six months old. I have a baby who is of the same size and perhaps might be of the same age.  The woman had her face swollen and she was injured in her head as well. She was there holding her baby and her half swollen face asking for people’s help. When I went back to see her, there were already people around her offering cash. I still cannot digest this unusual sight of a mother with her baby begging for alms. This is an unusual observation that I made while on a visit to the Farmers Market to buy some provisions.

The baby’s dad was nowhere in sight. Where is he on earth? What made him abandon his blood? How would he feel if he sees this sight? I am a father now and I perfectly understand the ordeal and hardship in raising a child without a dad. How would that supposed dad feel if he was to be in his mom’s lap and begging for alms? Be it legitimate or else otherwise, doesn’t he feel the pinch of his blood and wife sitting in the middle of a busy walkway, seeking people’s help, whom she doesn’t know at all. I despise the man who left them with nothing but to beg.

I am not a maestro in marital affairs and its legalities but thinking of the baby one should re-unite. Either of the spouses may be wrong but thinking of the baby in between, the spouses should keep their differences aside and settle down with a consensus. Isn’t this a life worth living for? I do believe in second chances but there is always a choice to make. This world revolves and runs around the word, ‘Mother’. It’s very disheartening to have seen such a sight and for the supposed daddy, it is even more excruciating to believe that such people do have a place among us.
This sight of a mother and her kid brought tears to my eyes instantly and I couldn’t get a good sleep last night.  What good are you when you can’t provide for your own blood? Perhaps, this man might not have heard, “Blood is thicker than water”. This sight touched me so much that I have fallen short of words to express my emotions.

Folks, I am sorry for the blur picture as I took it from a moving car. This update of mine makes the 100th update on my blog and to term it, it’s a century update. Instead of jubilation and elation over the century update, my heart wept in pain thinking of the mother and her sleeping infant. Just on a pensive note, I would have guillotined the person responsible for leaving a mother and her kid to their fate…