Monday, May 27, 2013

Marriage is a public toilet: Get in or get out!

Just recently, I had a brush-up with my dear for the umpteenth time and now our horns are locked and our mood is darker than hell. If a man sips words that few women neglect, this would mean turmoil in relationship. If I had to digest and swallow all that women say, then I would lead a miserable and melancholy life! At least by my standards I have some reservations and you get along with some for the right reasons, not just for sex. For those whose fixation on mind is decided by their other half lead a happy, content life! I don’t believe this ‘cause’ no married humans are happy every day. They have something or the other to juxtapose!

And this morning a seventh grader, Sonam Wangchen in his morning speech talked not to make haste when it comes to marriage. He cited several obvious reasons such as, unemployment, economic instability and poverty. He made me think during the whole assembly session, what can a seventh grader know about marriage? Now the times are grudgingly changing and adolescents know more about relationships and marriage than their older counter parts. If this is not change then what is it? You name it! 

All world talks about getting married and leading a content life! What is so content about it anyway? I am writing this for the ones whose marriages have become a perennial source of tension and trouble globally. I am left with no chances to pen it down saying, “Women marry in haste and men marry with curiosity”-just see if I got this right! 

Being modern, technology is inevitable and even the ones that don’t know the chemistry of the letter ‘A’ know how to text and make calls, knows how can the channels be changed and how can it be put off. And for those who were educated with questionable and doubtful knowledge, if any, are obsessed with social media-facebook! Now this revolutionary idea of communication has become a medium for all your happiness and grievances. If you have trouble believing this, a fourth grader in my school has her facebook profile and she’s an active facebooker! And she happens to be in my friends list! What time mosh? 

Now time has come that, my dear has taken to facebook to pour out her grievances on personal matters! Even the single people resort to facebook for all sorts of resentment, frustrations and grievances. I doubt whether help might come if we do this. And there might be hordes of wives and husbands trusting facebook more than their spouses. This is the revolution that is sweeping Bhutan and where are we heading to-a horizon with no definite destination perhaps. 

Modern people with modern outlook on life-If your spouse shares things on the internet globally and refrains from sharing it with you then, this kinship won’t last long for nobody wants to leave without paining the other a little. So is marriage alacrity? If you have troubles, dear spouses, FACE IT please don’t FACEBOOK IT. Please do ponder on the following!

Marriage is like a public toilet; those outside, are eager to get in and those on the inside, eager to get out!

Good day folks!