Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What sinks in is what has been listened to! My tryst with an elected representative!

One of the high ranking official (incredibly high) paid a chance and a scheduled visit to my school and the purpose of the visit redeemed after the official left. His advices, the so called, “Kalop Zangpo” (Good advice formally!) left us (teachers) bemused if not preoccupied and left us for thinking.  He had all the tenacity of being a high ranking official, especially the posture in which he presented in front of a thousand plus students along with fifty or so staff.

Motivation was the talk of the morning and he presented to us that motivation was the ultimate driving force behind all undertakings and endeavors-a common fact re iterated! I know on the other that if something is good (The Kalop Zangpo), it’s worth telling twice.
But when the ‘worth telling twice’ thing is repeated again and again at the mercy of listeners going awry in thoughts, one cannot help but generate mixed feelings about the speaker who assumes a momentary detoxification forgetting that we are all made up of flesh and bones, if not blood! His narrative ability on advises is quite commendable as he can put the most un-humble of the listeners to sleep. The instant question on my mind was, how did he garner votes during his politicking campaign?

We lent our ears for all that he had to say and he offered us his to answer ours. But, when question 1 came in, he reflected the same to the other subordinate who was just behind. Never answered question 1 of course!
Considering the official’s tryst in our ministry, he was an old veteran. While trying to answer Question 1, he misquoted JFK. It should have been, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”. I unquote-with all due respect! He thus misquoted, “If you cannot………….” naming the great American statesman JFK. Absurdity! Also never took in Question 2 and hurriedly left faintly murmuring I have someone waiting for me. If a mass of people genuinely talk, not necessarily good, about someone, it should be perceived that everything is wrong with that someone.  The talks came from various anecdotal incidents where he held such visits and gatherings.

An inspiration must be aroused in listeners when such decorated official speaks to a curious gathering. Instead, a de-motivating seed was sown in our hearts. I wrote-out what my colleagues spoke-out from their hearts-out. So while listening I will now filter people, who to listen to whom not to. What sinks in the heart is what one has listened to genuinely. This is the story of my tryst with an elected representative.

So dear folks happy listening to your own representatives! Have a good day ahead!

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them."— Ralph Nichols

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blaming your neighbor for the mischief your child did!

If you happen to visit Thimphu city and the first thing that will greet you is the stink from the drains nearby. Changlimetang area tops the list in stinks followed by the Hongkong market and then the Olakha-Lungtenphu area. The people nearby the expressway have become immune to the stink from the Barbesa Sewerage treatment plant. When I was a kid, I used to think this treatment plant of some huge swimming pool. Later in my middle school, I knew it was waste water treatment plant!

Take a walk after the traffic outpost in Norzin lam and care to look at the huge drain just near the Druk Shopping Complex; you will realize how careless Thimphu-ites are! Does this make us feel good? Will the mountain people take care of their wastes and trash? Every one blames the city corporation but the city residences are too cozy to think about the waste they generate out-of-the-box! How can a corporation manned by a few individuals clean the trash of thousands of people contributing to the trash?

The scene just beside the centenary farmers market is terrible; the clogged drains with feaces, rotten vegetables, and predominantly topping all waste are polythene bags and wafers from fast foods, despite on the ban of plastic bags. When will we learn? It’s an irony, Thimphu-ites living the most up-do-date life in all of Bhutan yet embodying the people who first saw modernity. This is absolutely absurd! What then? We are polluting the Wangchu River which is one of the resources which generates money for Bhutan. Pollute the river and pollute your livelihood!

A lady on BBS TV mentioned of city officials, “City ghi mey thek thek wong ni yue la” (City corporation official’s sometimes come). What an absurd comment? If you do not take care of your own trash, what can the city officials do to make you clean? I strongly urge all people (Outside Thimphu as well) to manage your waste, segregate it and please recycle, or re use it if its reusable, otherwise, blaming the city for your trash is like blaming your neighbor for the mischief your child did. I know there are lots of these-minded residences!

Thought for the Thimphu-ites: “Willful Waste Brings Woeful Want”-Thomas Fuller