Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Grudg-y Friends

I have had so many friends up until now in my life but there are always the outstanding ones. My philosophy of friends is something like, no matter how he or she is? Once you are friends, good or bad, you accept them as your friends, in flesh, in blood.
Now as an adult and as a man, I never wept and was never this hurt when my friendship took a back seat when I was deluged with something dark in my life. I have two outstanding friends, outstanding in the sense that, these two were very instrumental in my life and I had a sense of pride thinking  that I have two human beings who are proudly my friends again in flesh and in blood.
My social life ended and was ruptured by the most trusted human I thought was on my side. My mother gave birth to me and I grew this big….literally not so big but I have always had that feeling deep down inside me, I am a true human being with emotions but I now realize that the humans around me are not so fortunate like I am because they are heartless, deprived of emotions, and barely consistent enough for the ‘goings in life’. God bless my friends.
The world thinks I am bad, I do and I am bad. But my friends are honorable and since they are honorable citizens of this honest world, I wish them loads of success and prayers for the life ahead in which they know not, life is full of surprises.
Go ahead live your life in your own terms and listen but decide yourself because when in trouble, you are the lone human being facing trouble  while the cliché friends of yours dares to smile at your misfortune.
I love my friends. Good day ahead!