Friday, August 30, 2013

Chasing Time

It makes me wonder that I have now come afar in life and yet I still do have dissatisfaction and reservations over some things that have been done. I wish to undo it if I ever have the opportunity to go back in time. Time is what is not on my side. Folks, do you have time? Honestly, ask that critically to yourself. Finding time!

Where is the time to make all endeavors possible? Some years ago, I read this in a popular magazine, “We have time to do all the nothing we want”. If we revisit the story of Genghis Khan, at his death bed he summoned his court and asked missionaries to be sent around the Mongol empire to bring in the person who can extend his time on earth. He wanted time. 

Courtesy: Google Images
Physicists around the world still wonder on the aspects of time and space and there is one question that they are trying to answer, “What is time?” Is it a space where imagination takes precedence over reality? From the ‘Big bang’ until this day, who has known this illusive concept of time? Ask the western world about how short is time? They are busy and they don’t have time for anything. If a train arrives late by 30 seconds, the days schedule for the entire commuters gets delayed by 30 seconds. 

According to the Hindu theory of creation, time (Sanskrit 'kal') is a manifestation of God. Creation begins when God makes his energies active and ends when he withdraws all his energies into a state of inactivity. God is timeless, for time is relative and ceases to exist in the Absolute. The past, the present and the future coexist in him simultaneously.
Nobody has enough time, although some may opine superficially that I manage time. It is imperative that managing time is and will remain as elusive as time itself. Individual differs with time and in managing time. Let us learn from the following wisdom from the book "Lord of the rings".

“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, the Fellowship of the Ring

Monday, August 26, 2013

The unsung hero of Zhemgang LSS!

Disclaimer: I have written briefly about a person whom I know and this write up is in no way intended to defame him. It is perfectly out of the urge to write something and reader’s discretion is advised. I sought his permission to write about him and it’s granted. My thanks to Kunzang T for suggesting the title. Happy reading!

Perhaps an admonition that one is not great unless one is above the other and being above means a lot of things. This is a write up on a personality which truly makes one feel how can this person say, “Yes” to all. A few years ago I wrote a book, “beyond the call of daily life” in which a chapter is written solely for Nidup Wangdi, the caretaker of Degala CPS. I have described him in detail and I meet him even now when he comes for official purposes to the Dzongkhag office. I named him the Good Samaritan. 

This morning I took some pictures of flowers and in my trial of getting a perfect shot, I stumbled upon Indra Bdr. Rai, the caretaker of Zhemgang LSS. I see him every day going about his daily chores at the school. Usually he frequents the Bank for deposits and withdrawals of other teacher colleagues, as for me I am a broke teacher. LOL! 

Every morning, he (at times his wife) comes to the respective classrooms bringing notices, letters, substitution for classes etc. and nobody thinks out of the box about the work he’s doing. This thought caught me and I had three free periods. That’s when I thought of writing about him, with his due permission, of course!

Indra Daju
Indra Bdr. Rai commonly known ‘Indra Daju’ is survived by 4 kids and the eldest is in the IVth grade. He belongs to Dagana. He first came to Zhemgang as a worker for the PWD and later became a bull dozer operator. He later became a gardener in Zhemgang Dzong before joining Zhemgang LSS in 2000. I am quite versed in the Lhotsamkha dialect and this information is a direct result of the interview I had with him. He tells me it’s hard for him to make ends meet and after curtailing the hard earned money it’s just enough to survive. He also takes care of his mother residing with him. He is a hard worker, deeply religious and a helping personality. He is Indra Daju, our school caretaker. Perhaps, another Good Samaritan! 
I have written this in appreciation of all caretakers across all schools in our country for the wonderful job they are doing however small it may be.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Freaking Gossips!

From kindergarten until my college, all I ever heard flow out of the ugly mouths was insults, teases, and other such things like, “You should just die, because nobody loves you!”  Ah, and such were the times my heart grew colder, darker, and isolated.  I can’t count the times I had often dreamt of them finding slow and painful ends, but I knew better than to wish damnation on others.   Even if the adults near me turned a blind eye for any sake, I was not so weak as to let them rule my life, and smart enough to not raise a physically threat against them.

I do have friends and I am proud to say I have a loving wife. I wish to make my life and time with her the most memorable part of my life. I have a humble thought of making her the happiest being by my standards. I live a decent life and I am pretty vocal when I talk about issues. And this is who I am; it will be me till the end. No god can deny that I am who I am. I can change some bad habits for my wife and not for everyone else. When I am journeying this life pretty comfortably who gives people the right to comment and envy my life. I am now sure their lives aren’t as comfortable as mine. I am doing well with life. They aren’t. So the criticism ensues. 

Their dark and evil-intended comments on me will come back to them and I grudgingly want this to happen right before my very own eyes and see their plight and agony of hopelessness. Then I can breathe a sigh of ultimate relief. Such hatred has come within me and it would be ridiculous to name the people here. Not for now at least. 

I felt victim to a recent criticism in which I had no freaking part. Everyone believed in gossip and I am pretty sure everyone must have got the point. I cannot challenge and confront the ones against me. They remind me that I am living and kicking. They make me feel that I am superior to them. Thanks to the ones that envy me of my character and whatsoever. I needn’t consult anyone for my belief and thoughts. I am better off than others in any matter. Any matters!

For those ugly mouths they are an ‘eyesore’ to the society and I consider them ‘Freaks’. As long as I am happy and content, I don’t need to explain myself on what to do with others-let the public be damned!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pity requiring moves

Last night, an unusual news update caught my grey matter while I was having a chat at my neighbor. I was talking to Agay Sonam Wangdi, grandpa to one of my closest friend. A revered figure in his family line! The news was, whether or not the ceremonial sword-Patag should be given to women of high positions. What on earth is happening to the elected people in power? I got this idea to pen it down again after seeing a facebook update of my mate Langa Tenzin, who like me is blogger. 

This is absurd and the thought itself stirs pity to either the ones who are getting it or the ones who think of altering the age old customs of our people. If women wore ‘Patas’ how would the sight be? Perhaps awkward! Agay tells me during his days ‘Patas’ meant responsibilities not power. The power of somebody is signified by the ‘Kabney’ worn. ‘Pata’ for women is absurd because in the past women didn’t have to go for battles unless one inherited the character traits of “Jhansi ki Rani”-LOL!

Are customs changing with governments? It might be so if we consider what is happening of late. This isn’t the first time a woman has reached such height in the bureaucracy. Did the Anti Corruption chairperson make such claim or did the lady Dzongda demand a ‘pata’, since both were awarded red scarves by K5. Absurdity! This brings me to one wise saying, “If you want to know me, give me power” and this is what’s happening in Bhutan’s post election period. Such pity requiring moves. 

And we were and still are the citizens of this dragon kingdom and we were long ruled by the dragon kings. We still do. The royal families of Bhutan were very instrumental in making who we are now and we should learn from them. They are at a higher pedestal than all of us and let us look at the female members of this royal family. Imagine all our princess and princesses with a ‘pata’! Imagine the plight of the person who wishes to decorate our ladies with a sword. I surely do not wish to see the sight of making it a necessity for the position holders.

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
                                                                                                                             Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, August 19, 2013

Silence is what silence does!

Sorry for the wacky title. Of late, I have been thinking deeply or rather insightfully, about writing on something abstract. After a day or two of soul searching I arrived at this topic. In fact, this happens to all of us and this became great shelters for the great minds of the world. I too believe that there is wisdom and knowledge to be gained from ‘Silence’-even for a retard like me. And yes silence is what silence does!

For people with different aptitudes and attitudes (I included), silence can mean many things. Silence therefore can embody mystery, jealousy, guilt, greed, hatred, passion, love, anger, fear, care, affection, repentance, resentment, doubt etc…etc…

Image Courtesy: Google Images
My experience with silence brings me to this conclusion that desires and expectations result in silence and thus, all the connotations above! Resentment keeps one silent. Guilt keeps one silent and so is with all other connotations. Although, all connotations may vary in their degree of meaning but inversely or directly, it can precede or succeed silence, for my reasoning cannot go beyond this because human mind and imagination to me is a big mystery. 

Silence is what silence does! Silence gives me all the ‘viewing points’ rather than ‘points of view’. There is great power and wisdom in growing to the point where silence becomes our friend.  It is in silence that we best listen and a great portion of life's best secrets can only be learned in silence. And what do I do when in silence? Write! That’s right! 

I write because I can do this meaningfully when in silence. Find out what you can do best when in silence and please do remember remaining idle in silence is work-shopping devil. LOL!

Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.      - Thomas Carlyle