Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pity requiring moves

Last night, an unusual news update caught my grey matter while I was having a chat at my neighbor. I was talking to Agay Sonam Wangdi, grandpa to one of my closest friend. A revered figure in his family line! The news was, whether or not the ceremonial sword-Patag should be given to women of high positions. What on earth is happening to the elected people in power? I got this idea to pen it down again after seeing a facebook update of my mate Langa Tenzin, who like me is blogger. 

This is absurd and the thought itself stirs pity to either the ones who are getting it or the ones who think of altering the age old customs of our people. If women wore ‘Patas’ how would the sight be? Perhaps awkward! Agay tells me during his days ‘Patas’ meant responsibilities not power. The power of somebody is signified by the ‘Kabney’ worn. ‘Pata’ for women is absurd because in the past women didn’t have to go for battles unless one inherited the character traits of “Jhansi ki Rani”-LOL!

Are customs changing with governments? It might be so if we consider what is happening of late. This isn’t the first time a woman has reached such height in the bureaucracy. Did the Anti Corruption chairperson make such claim or did the lady Dzongda demand a ‘pata’, since both were awarded red scarves by K5. Absurdity! This brings me to one wise saying, “If you want to know me, give me power” and this is what’s happening in Bhutan’s post election period. Such pity requiring moves. 

And we were and still are the citizens of this dragon kingdom and we were long ruled by the dragon kings. We still do. The royal families of Bhutan were very instrumental in making who we are now and we should learn from them. They are at a higher pedestal than all of us and let us look at the female members of this royal family. Imagine all our princess and princesses with a ‘pata’! Imagine the plight of the person who wishes to decorate our ladies with a sword. I surely do not wish to see the sight of making it a necessity for the position holders.

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
                                                                                                                             Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Great thought! Maybe if men gave up their patas, the issue would drop automatically...what do ya say? After all, if we did have to go to battle/war today, patas would be irrelevant!

    1. I foresee a time in future that women wear kiras to their knees because the claim is about kabney's size when compared to men......Now this is what voters opted PDP to do.......I have my fingers crossed!