Thursday, October 26, 2017

And that's where it'll stay...Always!

In the midst of the busy hectic week I squeezed in this little tribute for I thought and still think, I must write something or else I would lament with a heavy heart for not being able to part-take in the national mourning of the late Thai king HM Bhumibol Adulyadej. I am equally delighted to learn from the online streaming of the whole day’s program that there are 40 different head of states and royals in attendance at the Grand Palace, Bangkok. My very own King, HM Jigme Khesar and family include the royal guests as I saw it from the stream on YouTube.

If someone wants to find out the degree of respect and reverence for a king, one must not forget to see the people of Thailand. The anchor speaking in English through the live stream was a woman and her voice was trembling and could sense her teary-voice. People all over Thailand are in unison today to mark the royal cremation of the former king.

Managed a snip shot from my computer!
I received a call from one of our University professors to watch TV which I was already doing since the morning and I assured her about the deep sense of respect we here have for the former King. I would like to make a mincemeat of the verses that I faintly remember as a tribute for this day and I stand in unison with the people of Thailand in marking this very important day. I know the loss which befell the Kingdom of Thailand can never be replaced but, I wish for a swift rebirth of the former king in Thailand to lead the people of Thailand once again. I hope you like it...

 And That's where it'll stay, Always...
In its entirety
I know you’ve seen God.
If that’s where you are
I know you are watching us.
As you always will,
Within our memories,
Time stands still…

If I write your name in sand
I know the waves will wash it away.
If I write your name in the sky
I know the wind will blow it away.
I shall write your name in my heart
and that’s where it 'll stay, always…

And that's where it'll stay, always...