Monday, June 17, 2013

Drunken nights and cloudy mornings!

On a usual weekend eve Acho gave us this philosophical thought not from his all seeing mind but out of what he thought when other friends jointly made fun of him. We were gathered at his den for the unusually usual, uncommonly common meal. Meal here implies some liquid before the solid stuff! After getting high on the liquid, he spoke out to me, “Life is beautiful but needs some re-painting”.

In a mood that instigates debate, I too uttered, “What do you mean by that?” not that I didn’t understand but to see Acho’s understanding on his words. Here’s his explanation to what he meant. While high, he told me that some of us should be -understanding enough to understand friends inclusive of girlfriends that they escort. My humble opinion about my friends’ escorts is that they are fine, nice, and beautiful, that they embody the fine-ness in their approach to the outside world. 

One evening we were all liquid high and one of our buddies had an escort. Suddenly in the midst of liquid hullaballoo the escorted was missing and I learned later that she has left. To this the escort-ee became furious and had a nice digestion of his frustration. Later, all of us got into the doldrums of madness with words that utterly don’t suit us. Holy Shit! Another episode! There were uninvited guests and seated with pride fiddling the music system and this got into our nerves. Although we didn’t say anything, I took my bottle and went out. Then all hell broke loose! Shouts, brawls, curses and believe me none of it were pleasing to the ears. 

Enter another, buddy! I don’t know what made him loose his mind and all I could remember was bangs on the door. The next thing he told me was of pains in his right hand. I can’t remember the incidences after this. May be I might have silently slipped in to the comfort of my bed, which I do often. Next day, when we gathered, it was morning; we looked at our faces and laughed our heads off. We conversed soberly and talked about no more brawls and quarrels over the ones that need to be escorted. Ha ha….followed and this repeat often in our liquid sessions. 

Perhaps, we may forget, however sober one might be during the days, nights are always reserved for the sessions. And the remark that Acho made is perhaps a grim reminder again and again that “Drunken night makes a cloudy morning”.
Happy liquid session’s folks!


  1. An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I consider myself to be a humble-average man, but intelligent as it may seem I am not one! Thanks for the consideration! being with fools makes one realize the outer space of ones life! I I may say so, intelligence has nothing to do in the company of fools...LOL