Friday, November 29, 2013

Good God, What's Happening!

Long time! A very long time indeed! I am writing this update because I needed to let myself breathe some relief sigh as it pained me now for the last three days. Guys, you may not get the idea underpinning this update but ask any teacher, about transfer and opportunities.

I am getting transferred and I also happen to be one HRD member here in my office. I have given and performed in Khenrig Namsum [1]for the last seven years. It was high time for me to switch to some other places due to some personal reasons, not that I am switching profession. Our system of works make us travel less and if we ever get one, one has to perfectly qualify for the opportunities, to the criteria laid by firstly your own boss and several other bosses above him.

I didn’t qualify for any of the opportunities-professionally of course, due to the fact that you are getting transferred. The supposed ‘on transfer’ guy. Fine, it works in other places and offices too. The opportunities are simply shut due to the reason ‘on transfer’. All right, all said and done!

What I am trying to say is, opportunities are not given to the people on transfer and I have a lot of friends who share the same views. My mentor told this to me, “it’s to the ones that remain we reserve such ‘supposed’ opportunities. And I also do have a friend who like me is on transfer and was given the opportunity. I enquired about it and the reply I got was, “the person cancelled the transfer”. Fine too. Now I enquired this very friend’s friends-close friends of course. I was told, the transfer is not cancelled. I could not call the very friend on moral reasons. Why jeopardize someone’s already ‘got’ opportunity?

Now, at this point, I am left in a dilemma who to believe. This left me lost and I suppose there is a justification to this. And I also do presume, this justification, if ever it comes to me, then, I will lose a friend or I will get black listed in the diary of my superiors. This is my humble presumption.

This is what happened recently. Well I now simply wait for my order to come and rejoice in the thought that I will now finally be with my dear wife.
Good god! What’s happening!

Good day folks!

[1] The erstwhile Zhemgang