Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some are better left alone!

The distractions, the noise, the squabbles, and the constant cry of the sounds from automobiles even after midnight are a common phenomenon in the alleys of Olakha, Chang Jalu, Barbesa and in most parts of the city. People have become immune to these noises and the sight of young people going awry these days is as common as the common cold. Despite having the law enforcement in every populated areas of the city, it seemed to have no effect whatsoever.

A line of cars were smashed in the rear just recently, stolen tires have become a lucrative business for night hawkers. I was approached by a young boy who wanted to sell a pair of Apollo tires with the drum attached for ‘twice as good and half the price’. I knew it instantly, it was stolen. To him I politely declined saying I already bought one and not to offend him I told him you should have told me a little early. He smiled and went on his way.

Off all the young people, girls have become a little awry at nights. They drink openly, smoke openly and if you happen to visit discos, the floor would be crammed with girls. Most Karaoke bars would be filled with women and girls more than men. On a mundane stroll around the Norzin Lam lane, one can see young people with disturbing hairstyles and with unusual colors; forget about the garment they put on. I have heard of Pony tail in women’s hairstyles but it was the first time to have seen a pony tailed man. What a frightful sight?

Young people talk to elderly as if they were on a mission to rob them or crucify them. Children in schools now know more about PS and K-Pop than subject verb agreement. Most young people now spend more time on Facebook than on other educational activities. The good old habit of reading is literally non-existent. If someone doesn't qualify for further studies, young people pursue their studies outside not to excel academically but to sight see and have fun for years at end.

In my formative years of schooling, it took us just a smack or two to get us into behaving like humans and if you do this now, your child will have you jailed. Tough times! If you have no idea on how many or how much of the young, please make a visit to Kuensel Phodrang after the disco hours. Rains won’t deter our young people. The roads will be full and there would be mobile shops selling all sorts of drinks and local fast foods.

The elderly sleep a worry less night when the young are actually going astray at nights. Who knows what is in the making or what might be happening? And perhaps, I wouldn't be surprised, a few years down the line, if the Apollo tire burglar becomes a successful car dealer. Let us just wait and watch, because for some no remedy seems to be working. They are just better left alone.  
Food for thought: Teaching kids to count is fine but teaching them what counts is difficult!


  1. Wow...reality of the world. We are tugged on by the encroaching western style. In my friend's word, its free will society. Nice read though.

  2. Your points and concerns worth noting. We are running through a difficult times. I am not even sure what future holds for us. Police and parents do not worry about what is happening. That disturbs me even more.

  3. Hell of dissimilarities could be listed between generations today and before. If development is that cruel, I would prefer to live a life of remote village, calm and peaceful. We would one day go into cultural deficit. It's cultural invasion. Nice post, worth pondering over.

  4. Nice analysis and thoughtful writeup sir geeeeeeeeeee...