Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nearly a victim: Decoyed!

I take pride in the news that was brought to the fore when Passu, a teacher friend wrote in his blog about local sex videos going viral among the app users, WE CHAT. I even witnessed the BBS program titled, Cybercrime: Private affairs going public. I was wondering if at a personal level how many of us are modest enough to report this to the ‘concerned authorities’. After watching the program, I was confused who this ‘Concerned authority’ is.

Well, apps are inevitable but how many of us make a good USE of it. Rather, going by the news and trends, most of us MISUSE and ABUSE it. My update today is neither about applications, programs or neither gadgets nor it has anything to do with these ICT stuff.

On the night of 21st July, I was waiting for someone near the Norling building. The parking lot was filled with parked-empty cars. I was listening to some western oldies on a radio station and I was leaning behind hoping to take a short nap. After some numbers I saw a pretty girl in her mid twenties (by her look) who fell down near my car-outside with her hand bag stuffs scattered all over. As she tried to gather things and put things in her bag, she looked at me. That’s when I could make it that she was drunk.

She instantly stood up and knocked the front glass of my car-as I had it locked from the inside. As she knocked she uttered out, “Wai, nga che lu kay nang sey lap een”. I was like, “Excuse me, Choe ga moh?” She reiterated, “Ng ache lu kay nang sey malab ba tey” “Ngayi charo tsu” and then she stopped saying anything. Seriously I don’t know who this girl was and I have never met her before. Then“Go chi si” simultaneously trying to open my door from the outside. I had my hairs upright thinking what on earth is happening!

Then I opened the lock for my wife who was looking at the girl. She asked me if I knew her. I assured I don’t. Then I narrated the whole incident as we drove back home, still unable to believe a stranger talking to me in the dead of the night. Then she narrated an incident, sometime in 2010 a cabbie was robbed in a same way. A beautiful girl boarded a cab and asked the cabbie to drop her to some place, not realizing that it was a decoy. As the cab approached her designated location, there were a group of youngsters waiting. She asked to stop the cab and instantly these boys robbed the cabbie. This incident further shook me completely.

The point is this sort of things can happen to anyone. This update is to make the general public aware of the mischief our youngsters commit in times of desperation.

Please be aware of this sort of things, I know you will. Keep safe folks!


  1. Oh Sir, when u advised me to check out this article, I thought it was something about the taxi drivers looting the passengers..... Now I can make out the similarity between my post and this one. Yes Sir, we aren't certainly safe. The urban centers are becoming a breeding ground for many mischievous people...

  2. It's very disturbing to hear of people getting docoyed.... Safety is now a discretionay mandate beyond RBPs mandate....

  3. It's very disturbing to hear of people getting docoyed.... Safety is now a discretionay mandate beyond RBPs mandate....