Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Responsibly Responsible!

I am one of the hundreds of thousands of motorist plying the expressway on a daily basis considering where I put up in the Capital city. This express way has made travelling easier considering what I do for a living. A few weeks ago, I put an update on facebook, ‘Welcome to Thimphu greets the popular Thimphu gate; next greeting-the stinks from the sewerage treatment plant’. The foul smell is inevitable for road users but imagine the plight of those residing nearby the plant. Many a time, because of the smell, road users try to escape the discomfort by speeding along the treatment plant endangering other road users. This is just a passerby’s observations.

I think it’s high time we put the word responsible before everything. Consider the followings for instance;

Driving down and looking at the oncoming car with the cruelest look, when you were the one on the wrong side of the traffic-Responsible Driving!

Offices compile, detail and submit everything professional to the next higher office. And when time for the details come, that higher office asks again to resubmit what was submitted-Responsible office management!

When there’s work, everyone takes the back seat. But when works come with some perk-package, everyone wants to do it-Responsible work ethics!

Teenagers loiter and get into all sorts of behavior, all nasty of course. Parents think they are doing well by pumping and meeting up all their demands-Responsible parenting!

Married and relatively happy couples engage themselves in extra marital affairs without the knowledge of one another-Responsible Relationship!

Bars and restaurants serving alcoholic beverages to minors despite the standing order ‘No alcohol below 18’- Responsible Consumption! Creating a Bacchus[i] Kingdom.

Offices favoring friends and relatives on service delivery letting other people remain stranded in long lines.-Responsible Public service delivery.

Time for being responsibly responsible folks!

[i]The Greek god of Wine/Alcohol

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