Friday, February 24, 2023

Let us be the best of ourselves…be a leader!

It is a common knowledge that Bhutan is usually associated with a monarchial form of government. In fact, monarchy serves as a symbol of aristocracy, stability, preservation of ancient traditions as well as respect to the historical events and occasions.

The monarchy witnesses about the rich history and high social and political culture of nation. Thus, it evokes positive images and associations, connected with the political awareness and appreciation of the historical heritage and customs. Nevertheless, the other point of view, nations claim about the incompatibility between the monarchy and democracy.  To those, we say look at us. The Bhutan that we call our country-the land of the thunder dragon and we are not the first, certainly will not be the last that we are a fine example of the constitutional democratic monarchy.

We are Bhutanese and must contribute to the nation building and it doesn’t matter if you are a farmer, teacher, doctor, engineer, bureaucrats, a corporate employee, a banker or a soldier, a minister or a decorated dasho. My only humble opinion is doing the best of farming if you are a farmer, be an inspiring teacher, an honest bureaucrat, a compassionate dasho etc. When we work together in a team, or in a broader sense as a society, the leader takes on the most important role. It is the leader that helps prioritize activities and direct people’s thought process in the right direction. They are the ones who have the ability to bring the group together as a whole. Because of this, not anyone can be a leader. And in my country, we have our dynamic kings who can do that.  Our kings unite the Bhutanese nation around a common historical past, cultural inheritance as well as ancient customs and traditions.

Due to the very fact that live in a unique country makes me unique and I am more than grateful for my unique kings, unique ways of life and I know the Bhutanese in general will remain unique for all times to come.

Long Live Bhutan and Long Live my Kings and Long live all leaders of my country. Let us be the best of ourselves…Let us all be a leader! My former Lopen Jose KC mentioned to me some 16 years ago, "A sweeper is an asset if he sweeps as Michelangelo painted." Do you spot the leader there?

The capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence. —General Montgomery

Until then.....let us all be leaders...