Monday, March 27, 2017

Going awfully wrong!

Sir, Nga phow nawmey” (Sir, my tummy aches) said a tearful girl. I bumped into this girl on my way to the morning assembly. I told her to be in the class and rest. When I was back, she still wept over her pain. “Give me your mom’s number” and I made the call informing of her condition and to my horror, mom tells me, “Moh homework ma chab ni dhe ghe shob chabmey” (She’s lying because she didn’t do her homework). I asked her time and again and only after assuring that she will not be punished for any homework did she tell me the truth. Her homework is undone. I let her sit down with the other mates and instantly her pain was gone.

On one occasion teachers were asked to write an explanation because he/she had taken some senior students on an excursion and some naughty ones came home late at night. That was a Monday morning greeting. Parents, worried and frowning at the management questioned the school administration. Later upon investigation, it was found that some students did go for an excursion and some posed as teachers calling their friends parents. No teacher went for any excursion. Parents were deceived and teachers…scapegoat.

Very recently on the news, a child was caught using a cell phone and the teacher seized it. Later some out of school youth charged the teacher wanting the cell phone back. Again upon investigation, the out of school youth were friends of the mobile phone owner.

Just last year, some two or three broke into the school library and took away the computer monitor, CPU, keypad and everything that comes along including the extension cord. Imagine their plight of lifting all of these packed in sack. They did this in broad daylight during a Sunday.

Little children as young as 8 or 9 formed a group calling themselves a ‘gang’ robbed several houses and when questioned by the police, these innocents testified saying, “Ngachey lu boss yeh la.” (We have a boss).

Another one, this would be the last otherwise I can go on and on making it painfully didactic for you to read of children’s mischief. Some boys in one of the afternoons brought some cigarettes and they hid just above the school in some bushes, you know why. In doing so, they lit up the bushes nearby and we found ourselves disturbed by the fire fighters sirens in our school compound.

Somewhere, something is going awfully wrong. For all the incidences that I just mentioned, you can draw your own conclusions and weigh it measure for measure because for some pressure and pleasure mean the same. I mean the children these days keeping in mind I am also a father of two.

Good day folks!


  1. Hi Lobsang,

    Nice one .... during a talk I did when I was invited as a guest speaker .... that is precisely the point I made.

    People today are quick to blame the planners and educators for the failing quality of education in the country. In my view that is not true .... our problem is the falling quality of our youth.

    If we improve the quality of our youth, the quality of education will improve automatically ---- but when whole bunch of our youths are suffering identity crisis, we have a situation that we have.

    One day I asked a couple of youth why they painted their hair red ... the answer was that they wanted some change! I asked ... so obviously you think you need change ... but how do you hope to change by painting your hair red? Why not try changing from within?

  2. I agree with you point to point on this and loved the line "Why not try changing from within?"