Friday, April 21, 2023

Off into the Cold and Clouds

This year the NC Elections took nineteen of us to different places (Polling Stations) under Thimphu Dzongkhag. I got to go a place I have heard before but never been to. So, Naro Gewog Centre it was.

Took the refresher’s course and divided the amounting provisions amongst ourselves and here we were ready and set. On 19th, I and my team were the first ones to board two (Bolero) vehicles and off we went into the unknown.

As precarious as it may seem

Driving towards Tango and Dordena, all smooth sailing until the paved gave way to the unpaved. The unpaved road was the most precarious in its literal sense and every bump sent a bone-chilling fear down my spine. An arduous three hour ride on the bumpiest road that I have ever ridden, came into view the ruins of a magnificent structure. Upon hearsay, I got to know it as the ruins of the Bar Dzong. Now, why ‘Bar’, the Bhutanese language loosely translates it as ‘Middle’. Now, whose middle and ‘Bar’ of which places, please read the following. The name Bar was inscribed on the information board and everyone calls this place, Barshong.
Panoramic View of Barshong

The Bar Dzong
The following anecdote is from a young monk I bumped into while taking the not so professional picture of the Dzong.

The name of the palce is Barshong and the Dzong is named Bar Dzong because it falls right in the middle (bar) of Lingzhi Dzong and Thimphu Dzong. In its glory days, the Dzong was used as a structure to fight off enemies and never mentioned who the enemies were. He also mentioned, the dzong was built simultaneously during the constructions of Drugyal Dzong and Lingzhi Dzong.

The importance of this historical landmark is bolstered by the national flag fluttering beside it.

Come next day, no voters turned out to cast their votes in the morning and one voter in an hour was the count. After the closure of polls, we counted only forty-five. Imagine the wait of my team in the picture. 

The waiting officials
The next day, hopped into the same vehicles, thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy ride once again and Home, at last. All seven of us experienced what was supposed to be in my opinion not the best but an adventure off into the cold and clouds.

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