Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank you women!

Once a friend remarked, “Wai chikha jo bay, namshi dro bay gey mena” (Let’s go outside and harass the weather) when the weather that weekend behaved improperly when we had something proper in mind. Does this make sense? Man vs. nature! But it surely is a good laugh! I even have a personality in mind for man vs. nature! The following tells one of the insensible good laugh, which is prevalent in our social system like the laughing stock mentioned in the opening lines. 

It’s better to get into a woman’s shoes and feel their pain for a while than being the woman itself, because nobody can play your role better than you. It’s a man’s job to decide what is befriending good for and what women would consider if men be like women. We were created, by whosoever, had kept this difference that men be men and women be women.
I took us millennia(s) or may be even longer to keep that difference and life was fine and evolution brought us this far, for what-to compete against each other. If so, then, we need to get rid of the femininity and masculinity concepts. Let’s not make them juxtapose forcefully in the name of relationships, development, distance or any other biological stupidity! 

Women here enjoy equal rights as men and nobody is against it. This has been there even before the first educated Bhutanese became educated-that women inherited everything in the good old ancient times-you name it! Now that modernization is sweeping everyone’s’ mind, it has become obvious that women demand rights. Why not because some men claim to be men and be women at the same time! Some men are perfectly women everywhere but it doesn’t mean men become women when dealing women for whatever reasons. The writer laments...because he lives in such set condition.  

They (women) in the form of mothers, sisters, aunties, friends make decisions, keep safe of everything around them and meet the needs in the most difficult of times and yet manage to live with such self confidence which men cannot if men were to take up all the daunting tasks that women live everyday with. We have fine women personalities around the world for which men are of no match.

Thanks and nobody can play your role better than you! Praised be women-kind!
Thank you to womanhood and all women on this planet playing an applaud-able role despite your own problems. 

And have you come across biological men who although have attributes of a man but does everything that a woman should. I have seen plenty! These cohorts of men seemingly tell one thing and do something other-that their outlook and motives are a result of feminine unanimous-ness.  For them it’s a world where making women comfortable is of importance and for men, “Khemey, ngache phogey tsu dhi tub ra tub ba” (It’s definitely ok for we are men). What is “tub” (Ok) and “mey tub” (isn’t ok) is for individuals to decide not for the ones that wear a masculine body with feminine outlook and thinking pattern-be it a husband, a colleague, a mate, an acquaintance, a crony, or for that matter a demanding boss.
My opinion is of little significance and I don’t intend a speck of curiosity to be aroused in you as readers because you might have fallen short of time and expressions even if you may have felt or may be feeling the same, but it delights me in having known electronically that you read this write up. Thank you readers and thank you for everything, this world wouldn’t have been possible without you-women!

Lastly, not the least of all, a belated happy mother’s day to all women on this earth for keeping things going in this brief called life!

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