Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Forsaken Being !

I had and I still have a friend, who is a so large in human terms, that my friend is a blend of all the good. My paranoia is all about not being able to make it to my friend when I was needed the most. My temporary amnesia tells me I am the most-forgetful of all beings alive. I hate myself for being that. God crucify me for being that!
It was a mundane evening, tired and almost in fatigue that took a U turn in my friendship. I was on a good happy errand that I was doing at home, washing clothes and cleaning the place-which I seldom think about? I called my friend only to hear that my friend wasn’t feeling well. I on this end offered my all-help (moral, social, emotional) and declared with pride that, “If I am of any help, I am just a phone call away”. With this my friend slipped to sleep, as I was told later.
I had to bring in some veggies for the supper and the blunder of my life struck. I forgot the phone at home and unknowingly window-shopped for some greens. As I was doing this, I crossed over another friend of mine. What else then, a game or two of billiards. I utterly forgot about the ill friend of mine. As a matter of fact, my billiard games came down to a minimum and even my gulping-shots of beer down my throat reduced significantly after I met the ‘ill’ friend. I was an all bad trait human until some of it changed when I met my friend.
To continue, after an hour and a half, when I got back home, I instantly reached for my phone and I hit my head after seeing ‘9 missed calls’. I immediately rang back only to hear the telecom lady speak, “The subscriber you are trying to call is not responding, please try again later”. I tested the endurance of my patience by attempting 17 more calls. All the calls had one similarity, yes you are right, all the calls were answered in the same statement, “The subscriber……..”
I panicked in guilt and felt wholly ashamed for forgetting this time. I tried to mend my utter failure verbally but no answer came from the other end. This worry was the last thing before I slept and the first thing when I woke up the following morning, in mind. I went office late to see my friend and I was glad my friend made it to the office. I again attempted a call and yes, there was no responding.
Later, when my friend called me up I heard something very deeply insulting on my part. My friend was taken to the hospital by a neighbor and had a rough night trying to get some sleep. My friend over the phone declared, “You expect your friend to help you in times of need once you know that your friend is ill”, further “you told me ‘if I am of any help I am just a phone call away”. Now this definitely will hurt even if I were to be the sick friend. 
This is what happened as of now and I expect my friend to be getting well soon and our friendship to come back to normalcy like before.
Thanks for reading this piece and yes do not forget to carry your cell phones as it mends or bends human relationships.
I am such forsaken being…………….

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