Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Citizens of sanctum sanctorum not politicians!

As long as the life being a teacher is content, there is no need to be a politician. Sorry for the wacky title. Teachers have been portrayed as ‘Gurus’ from the beginning of time. They manifest the wise, the noble, the all-knowing saint, the living encyclopedia or a walking dictionary. But are teachers politicians? Definitely NOT! Then why is it that many a teacher manifests not the above theories but a political animal? Perhaps, the profession is too obsessed with Adam Smith’s theory on Economics-translate all work and energy into tangible hard currency. I remember my Guru Jose,KC once told me, “you can never be rich as a teacher and once you enter the sanctum sanctorum”. True to his words these days, teachers are never rich unless one inherits family property or the spouse belongs to a rich spoilt background. Spoilt in the sense-have you ever come across a well behaved wealthy? All wealthy greet with money-pride with some over- powering tone. 

A teacher affects eternity,he can't say where where his influence stops
It is my unconditioned belief that stirs the very fabric of teaching that-those lads of teachers whole are sound financially becomes the politicians in the sanctum sanctorum. Utterly shocked? You should be! I too trembled in shock! These lads are the ones that make your existence somewhat ‘incorrigible’ but thoroughly ‘corrupted’ with all worldly talks and gossips. 

A citizen of this sanctum sanctorum once told me, my child is sick at home and he’s serious. I as the teacher told her, “but I saw him playing soccer last evening late into the evening”. This noble citizen took my rather disapproving opinion to the real parent and came the next day with something like this, “Hey, you told that my nephew is sick because of soccer, he can even get out of his bed”, Then I raged, “Why is that every noblewomen like you has to be right?” then I shut the citizen up. And yes they are pretty comfortable with Adam Smith’s theory! Supposedly for being someone related to her. Had it been someone else’s kid, who cares? This is the consideration our noblewomen have-look out only for the one which is yours!

Citizens of this sanctum sanctorum should teach, guide, mould and show us the light but they would rather choose to take younger citizens to their side of the light-adding maggots to the already rotting political corpse. The talks behind back are always common where the ‘fairer’ sex majors in this sanctorum. It is my poetic out flow that makes me mention this line, ‘Talks behind back-A deluge of personal opinions pregnant with rumor and falsified facts’. Although, I wish to mention all that is in my head but ‘haste makes waste’. I will let you know as I promised-roar silently without a word from my mouth but another deluge through this forum. 

Until then, folks, watch out for some political nobles around you. They might just as come in handy as it did with me. Good day ahead!

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