Thursday, August 22, 2013

Freaking Gossips!

From kindergarten until my college, all I ever heard flow out of the ugly mouths was insults, teases, and other such things like, “You should just die, because nobody loves you!”  Ah, and such were the times my heart grew colder, darker, and isolated.  I can’t count the times I had often dreamt of them finding slow and painful ends, but I knew better than to wish damnation on others.   Even if the adults near me turned a blind eye for any sake, I was not so weak as to let them rule my life, and smart enough to not raise a physically threat against them.

I do have friends and I am proud to say I have a loving wife. I wish to make my life and time with her the most memorable part of my life. I have a humble thought of making her the happiest being by my standards. I live a decent life and I am pretty vocal when I talk about issues. And this is who I am; it will be me till the end. No god can deny that I am who I am. I can change some bad habits for my wife and not for everyone else. When I am journeying this life pretty comfortably who gives people the right to comment and envy my life. I am now sure their lives aren’t as comfortable as mine. I am doing well with life. They aren’t. So the criticism ensues. 

Their dark and evil-intended comments on me will come back to them and I grudgingly want this to happen right before my very own eyes and see their plight and agony of hopelessness. Then I can breathe a sigh of ultimate relief. Such hatred has come within me and it would be ridiculous to name the people here. Not for now at least. 

I felt victim to a recent criticism in which I had no freaking part. Everyone believed in gossip and I am pretty sure everyone must have got the point. I cannot challenge and confront the ones against me. They remind me that I am living and kicking. They make me feel that I am superior to them. Thanks to the ones that envy me of my character and whatsoever. I needn’t consult anyone for my belief and thoughts. I am better off than others in any matter. Any matters!

For those ugly mouths they are an ‘eyesore’ to the society and I consider them ‘Freaks’. As long as I am happy and content, I don’t need to explain myself on what to do with others-let the public be damned!