Monday, August 19, 2013

Silence is what silence does!

Sorry for the wacky title. Of late, I have been thinking deeply or rather insightfully, about writing on something abstract. After a day or two of soul searching I arrived at this topic. In fact, this happens to all of us and this became great shelters for the great minds of the world. I too believe that there is wisdom and knowledge to be gained from ‘Silence’-even for a retard like me. And yes silence is what silence does!

For people with different aptitudes and attitudes (I included), silence can mean many things. Silence therefore can embody mystery, jealousy, guilt, greed, hatred, passion, love, anger, fear, care, affection, repentance, resentment, doubt etc…etc…

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My experience with silence brings me to this conclusion that desires and expectations result in silence and thus, all the connotations above! Resentment keeps one silent. Guilt keeps one silent and so is with all other connotations. Although, all connotations may vary in their degree of meaning but inversely or directly, it can precede or succeed silence, for my reasoning cannot go beyond this because human mind and imagination to me is a big mystery. 

Silence is what silence does! Silence gives me all the ‘viewing points’ rather than ‘points of view’. There is great power and wisdom in growing to the point where silence becomes our friend.  It is in silence that we best listen and a great portion of life's best secrets can only be learned in silence. And what do I do when in silence? Write! That’s right! 

I write because I can do this meaningfully when in silence. Find out what you can do best when in silence and please do remember remaining idle in silence is work-shopping devil. LOL!

Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.      - Thomas Carlyle


  1. To be honest, I didn't quite get the abstract philosophical underpinning your post wanted to express. I am bad at understanding such things.

    But I think I got one essence from your post. In silence resides many things. Different people express different through silence. I am very much with you on this. Liked reading it. Keep posting.

  2. That was my version of interpreting silence Langa but I know it's weird comprehending the essence of the topic. And yes I take your opinion on "in silence resides many things". Thanks for reading anyways.....wrote such weird topic not to suffer from the dangerous, WRITER'S BLOCK. LOL

  3. seemed like there was an argument against silence and then a give in to silence at the end...

    writing in silence is my take away from here...thank you