Friday, January 20, 2012

The Holy Office

It has become obvious that teaching is now no more a wise choice of profession for our young people, marked by controversies and confusions as it is. Teaching has often been looked at as a comfortable profession. It is usually the last choice in the list of professions for college graduates.
“Government to revamp education” sound like a cliché. But worth telling is worth telling twice. The talk of quality of education is on everyone’s lips. But rather than merely talking about it, why don’t we bring some changes in uplifting the morale of the teacher? People rather smugly say that the quality of education has gone down or deteriorated over the years, but has anyone wondered why? Of course, a large chunk of the responsibility falls on the teachers themselves. I know this because I am a teacher by profession. I have seen some teachers struggling to give their best, while some try best to escape the same doing the minimum.
Recently we have seen a good number of teachers leaving the teaching cadre and joining some other organizations. Dissatisfaction may be at the root of it all and those who left might have a long tale to tell. The difference between teachers in the urban places and remote corners is just a confident sum of Nu: 800 which don’t really boost the morale of the teachers posted in the remote corners. When that happens, the teacher is not inclined to give his(er) best adversely affecting the quality of education ultimately.
Mind you my fellow Bhutanese, Bhutan is more remote than urban, but the facilities are better at the urban centres and towns. That is why more people would prefer to be posted in the towns. In view of this government’s effort to revamp education must be directed more towards schools in the remote areas, so that better teachers would be attracted to postings in the villages. It could mean anything from better teaching aids and materials to better housing facilities for the teachers.
This would certainly prevent teachers from resigning to join other professions in urban areas.

Lobzang, Zhemgang! 


  1. Hello Lopen,
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    greetings Rupa gurung.
    Paro college of education.

  2. Thank you Rupa for the thought.


    Lobzang Nima