Friday, January 20, 2012

Reading-Dying out

The school is a seat of learning and it holds the sacred responsibility of raising a generation and producing efficient and productive citizens. The change that is brought about by the forces of modernization in Bhutanese school goers is extremely overwhelming. And this change in the name of modernization is bringing sweeping changes in the thinking pattern of our youth these days.
What was once the source of all knowledge, the means of educating and exploring the horizons of knowledge-reading is beginning to fade away? The youth of today are neglecting this noble habit. To inculcate a reading habit is the quality of a learner. Reading helps one to morally improve and become a better human being. Reading also enhances appropriate word power and language proficiency. It enables us to appreciate the insights and dynamics of learning. Books have this potential to offer to its readers a wide range of knowledge.
These days’ pupils seldom read if this trend continues we will be producing youth that will later be handicapped intellectually. Youth these days are fond of I-pods, cell phones, mp3 players and so many other handy gadgets and may be in future these gadgets may find its way into the classroom. School goers are at a stage holding things of primary significance instead of books. Young people attending schools with such objects which I believe don’t really aid to learning may become a potential hindrance to teachers in schools.
To embrace change is a good sign of growth but change must be positive. People reading online materials, surfing the net, collecting useful information in the web are some habits of positive change. In the midst of change one should not forget that we must change for the good and good for the better. As it is it is never too late to learn and broaden our mind, we must ask, advice and encourage people to read and to maintain a positive reading culture for oneself. Thereby, we move a step ahead to be the brighter, responsible and educated citizens of tomorrow.
My earnest plea to the educated parents of our youth today to be responsible enough with the forces of change. If done, teachers like me would feel we collectively made education a sense, not a jargon.

Lobzang Nima

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