Sunday, June 17, 2012

The George Orwell Theory

One of the high profile officials recently visited my place for some sort of meeting. I am not mentioning it now but I know who that person was and what is he here for? All things that the host district should do or done , now for that matter was done with geometric precision and I am pretty sure that he must have been elated with all the ‘Chadri’ thing of my place.
His visit here was like any other high level meetings held in my place so far, but something extra ordinary he uttered shook me and the Bhutanese online world by surprise. “Teachers have no work!” Well this debatable, controversial and blood gushing phrase will definitely shake the minds of the teachers in our country at least for some time to come.
The said official must have used uncountable resources till now costing the government exchequer dearly. The very fact that he is a high profile official speaks for itself. He is holding his official chair not because he was born a Dasho by birth. He must have undergone schooling till university and all that he is now is just because of his teachers. He may belong to a generation when parents would hide their children away from school. Now that he uttered the phrase already he should know that it cannot be taken back. I remembered this official as a high school kid, as a trainee and now as a civil servant.
If we in the service working group think a little out of the box, there is no need of an agency especially the teaching profession. This agency can foresee other sectors in the civil service. This governing agency is headed by an official who uttered the phrase. The agency he heads is autonomous and maybe he used this autonomist power to say such words. I would not be surprised if he utters such words in future. So I wish him all the luck from now on, because I can see there will be hordes of criticisms aiming at the remark. My belief is there are three sides to an argument: the right side, the wrong side and my side. I can only claim to be on my side. The bottom line theory is, “IN A TIME OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT, TELLING THE TRUTH WOULD BE A REVOLUTIONARY ACT”-GEROGE ORWELL


  1. Yeah......We have to analyze it through so many viewing points, not just utter out from a point of view