Monday, March 18, 2013

Madam! You are missed!

One cold weekend, with nothing to do, a likeminded colleague of mine and I decided to explore the recently opened highway out of curiosity. This undefined feeling is nostalgic and memorable, but the idea flopped. Then in the evening our office had arranged a dinner for all of us because one of our philosophical colleague, let me just name her ‘Madam’, was leaving on transfer to some other place. We had nothing so extraordinary about the dinner. Drinks were on one’s own side and for the food it was shared-this is our school culture. 

People gathered! Some started off with tea and many like me with a few pegs. Then, it was time to play Mr. Nice guy. We gathered in an already crammed room and then it began-speeches, opinions, laughter, gossips and stupid things that took place during her tenure, all in the name of farewell. I personally had nothing to say but wished had I spoken my share of the farewell. Then instantly, everyone got out and started devouring the buffet that was laid and thrashed in the other room. I and some hungry beasts ate last. 

One by one, many started to leave and a few remained sipping over what was left before dinner. I got an opportunity to talk to Madam’s honey bunny. In the midst of our conversation, I insisted on to make him try another shot, to this I felt elated that we shared the same brand, if you know what I mean! You talk to a wealthy- the overpowering tone will make you hesitant and awkward. The wealthy I know has this sense of pride in their bones. But the man beside me is wealthy in knowledge, exposure and experiences. He mentioned of his time back in the United States. He also mentioned of the attitudes chhilips keep for brown people like us especially residing in south East Asia. That’s when I knew about my concept and consideration of the west. There is nothing glamorous about it and the people there, eat work, sleep work and work work! 

For an office worker, if the tram arrives late by a few seconds- his days work will get delayed by a few seconds. Such is the timed life of the west. Thank you to this man for enlightening another man, who just moments ago thought that he is the all knowing saint in the group. Thank you once again. 

Then, the time for final farewell, it was getting late. We hugged wishes and misses and told madam that we are just a phone call apart. Later I was told that this was my second hug. I was a bit high on my sips. On our way back home, we again exchanged hugs and misses. Then in a drunken mind something un-drunk emerged. A few who drove cars agreed to see off, our now missed madam, to some distance. 

We took some beer, a bottle of lady wine and a few pegs in an empty mineral water bottle. After we reached the spot which is quiet-ly famous for secretive happenings under the cover of dark, we stepped out, handed over the drinks and then a few started to circumnavigate here and there singing and moving in the typical Bhutanese circle, at least by our standard, that’s the farewell norm. 

Again after a few more hugs and misses, we went to our homes and called the day off. I don’t really know if this mention makes any sense to my readers but for the people who were living this moment with me during that night, is nostalgic. And for my madam who is away now, I have the following to say and I mean this in every sense of the word;
God made us friends because he knew our mom couldn’t handle us as siblings. Miss you madam!