Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Donkeys of bureaucracy!

Dear friends, of late I have been busy like a bee and I couldn’t update anything and I am not sure this is some sign of ‘writers block’ or not. May be I have to undergo some more soul searching rather to fill in this undying love for writing. I am sure all fellow bloggers do feel this way as I am feeling now. However, this morning an unusual gossip caught my imagination and this is not something extraordinary that sweeps in but perfectly ordinary.

My scribble here is another episode to George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. I have a pig in the story and several pigs above that pig and they have one grudging agenda-to rule the world, if you have read ‘Animal Farm’. If everyone serving the pigs go by the commandments it is rather amusing that the system revolves and believes in the communistic ideals and principles. My idea of a communist regime is shallow but it also mentions about the state owning almost everything and the pigs that form the bureaucracy are mere pawns.  

The system in every sphere of bureaucracy has definite aims and expectations and the pig that presides over the system is the epitome of such systems. The pig defines the system-literally. Confused? Sure you may be! Now let’s come to the gossip part! 

It came to me that one of the pigs has a firm grip on its subjects-other animals including the Donkey, but here there are several donkeys! Animals and donkeys carry about their daily chores and chores differ with professions and systems. I am one of those donkeys. And these breed of animals and donkeys teach! 

We the animals are expected to fulfill what has been laid down when we were first recruited into the farm. As time went on rather gradually, it seemed to the donkeys, supposedly for their muscle power, that those who work with diligence and honesty were the ones that were abused with all possible weaknesses. Who doesn’t have weaknesses? And other animals who chore themselves with abundant reasoning to impress the pigs are at the safer end of all things and opportunists are these that reasons.  

As mentioned, animals teach to other younger animals. These pigs have a tendency to strictly grip the animals that teach rather than having a control over the animal learners. This is no fake and such communistic is the farm! No wonder Goerge Orwell opined, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth would be a revolutionary act”. 

Food for thought: Failure is not fatal but failure to change might be-John Wooden

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