Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just a Dream!

Wikipedia defines dreams as Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep”. For me dreams are associated with the events that are yet to unfold or something that has unfolded before. This is what I think is my opinion on dreams and dreaming. I am mentioning of the dreams that we dream while asleep probably at night, although some may dream during the day. It’s been pretty long since I last had a dream and dreams never come to me. This is a fact that makes me feel incomplete. When my friends and colleagues talk about dreams, I listen very carefully to their description and wish I was the person dreaming. 

But just last night, I saw and unusual dream. I was walking home although in real… I drive. I was walking with a group of students who were pointing at my calf saying that my stocking was torn. When I looked at it, it was indeed torn and an itchy sensation made me scratch my calf. Later, at home I found that there was a few inches deep cut made on my calf as if made by a sharp object. 

Picture Courtesy: Google Images
I went to the toilet (in my dreams of course) and flushed some water on the cut. There was an opening on the wound and some green fluid oozed out of the wound. I went to the room sat on a chair and started wiping it with some tissue papers. To my astonishment I found maggots…oops in my wound underneath the skin. I took out one by one with tweezers and felt…disgusting! This thought makes me puke now, in real. After removing all maggots from my wound, I was attending a doctor. I had to stand in a line to see the doctor and every second that I spend standing makes me scratch my wound. In the midst of scratching the wound and after a sweet-satisfactory sensation, I heard the bell of the doctor calling on his attendant and it was quite loud. Later, this sound woke me up only to find my cell phone alarm in its full volume. I immediately looked at my calf to find out, it was just a dream, still in bed. 

We have connotations on dreams we see and it also carries some derogatory meanings on the omen in one’s life, whether be good or bad. I don’t know what omen my weird dream carries but the thought if it makes me anxious and nauseated. 

Please do share about your dreams too; I know some of it may be as weird as I dream-t it.
Happy Dreaming!