Monday, April 13, 2015

My Little Tenzin

This thought came to me just last night-What am I doing? Move forward buddy and you are just as young! Your other half is being selfish! She wants her family and parents but not her daughters’ dad. So I decided to write this little poem for my little Tenzin who happens to be with her mother although I long to spend every second of my life with my little Tenzin, once again I wouldn’t have her exchanged for anything in this world. I love you Tenzin!
                                          Dear Tenzin,
I love you Tenzin
Like no other love on earth
From the day I first met you
Nothing can compare your worth
I will love you and protect you
With strong arms just in case
But will also hug you tenderly
With a fatherly embrace.
What more could any father want
Than a daughter so sweet and pure
There’s nothing in this world so rare
Of that I can be sure.
A dad’s love is so unique
It cannot be replaced
I will always treasure my times with you hereafter
And the memories embraced.
                                                                                                -Yours Dad

My time with her was brief and she was fast asleep in her mother’s arms. I could see my reflection in her sleepy face. I shed some tears not in front of people but silently in the comfort of my little car. Such hard and excruciating can life will sometimes be. I pledge to do everything in my capacity not to let her forget me. As of today my little Tenzin is 11 days old.

I love you Tenzin. 


  1. what a beautiful expression lolo...m sure you make a wonderful father and someday ur baby girl will be proud of u... ^_^