Monday, September 7, 2015

The Look-Alike

Tenzin Jamtsho
Sometime in April this year, I got a friend request on facebook with a message, “Sir, I am Tenzin Jamtsho, your student”. Looking at his profile picture, I instantly knew him and accepted the request. No sooner did I accept the request came the second message, “How are you sir?”…..and the chat ensued.

This update of mine is about a student who chose to become a monk in Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, Mysore, Karnataka-India. I taught him until the sixth grade back in Zhemgang. This was in the year 2013. By 2014 January I got transferred to Thimphu and joined the current school. Some of my former students call me at times asking about me. This makes me feel good and I take pride that I have some good students remembering me.
H E Khyentse Yangse

I knew by his profile picture and his messages that he had become a monk. Back then, Tenzin used to be a shy-sly boy. He would always be after some mischief and in the school if any problem came up, his name would definitely come up. He had problems in English grammar and I was told his Dzongkha ability is commendable. His father was a Dzongkha Lopen and he has a younger sister. I am not sure what made him join the monkhood but I am proud that he chose a life of the Sangha.

Here is the thing that amazed me. Looks can be so deceiving and look at his picture. This picture of Tenzin shocked me. He is receiving a Khadar from his teacher. Now please have a look at the picture of His Eminence Khyentse Yangsey Rimpoche. I showed the two picturess to some of my friends at school and initially everyone told me they are the same pictures of Rimpoche. Looking closely at the pictures, only then people opined it to be different. As a student back in Zhemgang, I never thought of him bearing a look that resembles Rimpoche. By my observation too, Tenzin closely resembles Rimpoche. Just see for yourself.

I want him to understand this line from Dzongsar Khyenste Rimpoche “The frustrating thing about our life is that there is no control over our emotions. That’s why there’s no fun. The whole purpose of Buddhism is to have fun, isn’t it? And in order to have fun you have to have control. If someone else has control over you, that’s it: there’s no fun.”

PS: I have sought permission from Tenzin Jamtsho for this update and the pictures here are from his facebook page. Thank you Tenzin! I am proud of you!