Sunday, November 8, 2015

How could I keep my calm?

I hope this update of mine greets you in the best of your health and I am very sure that you all must be keeping fine. 

All the updates that I have given until now is because of something that ignited in me and led to these writings. My update today is sheer out of frustration. Like many a Thimphu-ite I reside in one of the buildings that populate Thimphu. It is always a hassle to find an apartment, pay the advances and then move the furniture. After moving in, you find out there’s no TV cable, there’s no water heating facility, sun doesn’t shine into your apartment etc… etc… After months when you realize that you are now settled, the water runs dry. How could I keep my calm?

Water was the very reason why I chose to move into a new apartment. It was ok that the water flowed from the taps until now. It has been twice and almost a week that there is no water in the taps. I am having the most horrible time of the year. How could I keep my calm?

Mr. Landlord rings my door bell without fail every month for the rent. Even if he is out of station he makes sure there is some crony of his to collect the rents. Now the tenants where I reside are frustrated. There’s no water flowing into his building and he is nowhere in sight. People just care about money and nothing else. How could I keep my calm?

Imagine the plight of families who has no running taps for weeks at length. I hear many buildings have two inlets. One from the municipality and a private one. If water from the city (municipality) runs out, there is another inlet to keep the water flowing. My owner has a private inlet only for the vegetable garden he has maintained. It is not connected to the building. And during the ripe-time for the veggies he has grown, it is stolen. He is clam though!

I have seen my previous owner who tirelessly works to keep the water running and I am seeing the current one who is bother less. This is the second incident in this month. I fetched buckets after buckets to keep my people going and that reservoir too is out now. How could I keep my calm?

Another one! I don’t know whether Diwali has gone or is yet to come but nights in my vicinity is disturbing. The RBP put a ban on sale of fire crackers but there are hooligans, who I don’t know must  not be having a home to sleep. They shout, drunk mostly and throw light firecrackers wherever they please. I have seen a Community police centre here and I am not sure if men in blue have turned literally deaf. How could I keep my calm?

Given the perennial problems like the stinks, clogged drains, and power outages with rising bills every month... 

How could I keep my calm folks?

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