Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Writing: Ema Datshi!

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Sometimes a spark of an idea is enough to put those bubbles of the mind into writing but I sometimes I do encounter instances where you have the idea but simply cannot put those into writing. It takes days and even weeks to pen it down and most ideas just fade because you either don’t have the apt word to describe or is simply forgotten with time.
I always believed in the thought that an idea may come at any given moment and before that little idea is lost forever in the hum drum of time, why not scribble it down. That’s how print in me is kept alive. I have been asked, what makes you write? My mantra for this simple hobby is as simple as dishing out Ema Datshi.

Get the chilies and get it right…

Thinking of what to write is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This comes from reading and lots of reading. On your reading journeys you will develop a taste for certain flavors that pleases you. For me I love nonfiction and travelogues. So my writing is based solely on experiences of first hand and no literary styles are used. I write it down as it comes to me. So first things first! Look for ideas and subjects that you feel for genuinely and simply write whatever comes to your mind. Don’t ever worry about the sequencing of ideas, paragraphing, grammar etc… concentrating on it will simply slow you down. Just write it down.

Adding Cheese, some garlic, water and oil…

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After you have written down your thoughts and ideas into a paper/computer, read it for yourself and make inferences whether you conveyed what you actually had in your mind. Sequence those ideas-a point/an idea, a paragraph. Read it over and over again. Do not forget the essence or the central idea of your write up. Check for grammatical errors. Show it to your friends and colleagues and get their opinion. Just the opinion! Listen to them and try incorporating in your writing only if you feel necessary. Otherwise adding everything which everyone says will only make a mince-meat of your write up. Your message by now should be brief, simple and to the point.

Adding salt finally…

Do not use words that are not too familiar. And do not forget, it is for the appreciation of the readers that you write. People mostly write so that it is easy for the readers to grab it.
When you end your write up, always end it with an opinion of yours. What do you think about the subject you chose to write about? Of course this differs if you are writing for academic purposes formally. Now think of a suitable title for your write up. I know this is the most difficult part of any write up. The title should give a glimpse into the entire write up of yours. After you have found one -there you have it, a written piece of yours!

An original Ema Datshi! 


  1. Your writing makes me hungry now! :P

    1. Come to Bhutan once again Rima, I will dish out this dish for you. I promise...

    2. Thank you sir Lobzang. It is very inspirational, I have the very difficulties that you have said in your article above. I tried them with your suggested ways, for me scribbling and taking out my thoughts didn't work for me as I did expect. Sir, what could i try next?

    3. In the first attempt I don't think every thing will come as expected. It is always a hurdle when beginning writing. I suggest you to do more of writing down ideas first not bothered about the end result. Drafting over and over the piece you wrote will refine and make the intended outcome refined. Just try working on a subject only first once you get the subject spelt out in your words... Then think of refining and editing. Just send me a piece of your first draft. May be I can help with how to sequence ideas orderly. Thank you that you did try out what I mentioned. I would be more than happy to help you out discover your flair in writing.