Monday, October 3, 2016

My Double Trouble

My Trouble
After a day’s work when you think of having a power nap out of exhaustion the act of power napping is defeated by my kid who eagerly waits for me and even before I change she asks me, “Shoo Shoo” meaning pick her up in her usual temper tantrums. What is there to do next? Just listen and give in to her demands.
The Double Trouble

It’s a Sunday and you think of having a good baby sleep in the morning and again Tenzin wakes me up early calling “Papa (Loudly)… No No” meaning milk. She then holds my index finger and takes to me to the kitchen where I must pour her a bottle of milk.

A kid at home means double trouble for a dad like me...Two can only imagine the trouble. For all the troubles that my kids cause especially the elder one made me update this short verse. Happy reading!

Thank you god for
For the children of mine
Who teach me things
That blow my mind.
They entertain themselves
In the funniest ways.
I pray that the innocence
They possess never goes away.
I pray they will grow up
And be smart.
I pray they never feel alone.
I pray they will call home
Whenever near a phone.
And know that your dad
Will always be there. 


  1. A great father you must be,
    To the great two little souls
    Who are yet to discover what really a life is,
    But no trouble,
    For they have a dad like you,
    Bit lazy though, physically but a SMART was nice reading through your page la.

    1. Thank you all the way Karma. 'A great dad'- I am yet to discover that in me. Thank you for the verse....Kadrinchey