Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's a kids job to push boundaries

Waking up, getting dressed and moving on to your place of work. This was the daily ritual I followed until now and I never paid much heed about how others like me come for work. Listening to colleagues about the morning nag of their children reminded me of my own little daughter Tenzin. Just recently she started waking up the moment I crawl out of bed. All is fine if she doesn’t see me. As soon as she puts her sight on me, she will start to make faces wanting to be picked. And from this morning I was a little uneasy leaving for work as I left her crying in her mother’s arms. Such is the pain when leaving for work.

Tenzin Tantrum Euden
My friends tell me, this is just the beginning and there are more to come and unravel about the unpredictable nature of toddlers. I am now beginning to think of how can I leave for work without being noticed by her.

All this time I have seen her temper tantrums and her irritation. She has started to speak of some unfamiliar sounds and points at things that makes her happy. She swings her arms up and down whenever she watches the local channel which plays songs and movie clips. She goes into sleep after minutes of getting in the car. She is barely 11 months and I feel as if she was born yesterday. Time has made its due course in just a blink of an eye.

I realize a kid’s job is to push boundaries, but it’s tough not to take it personally. As I post this, I am imagining what might she be doing at home. She might just be nagging her mommy or might be fast asleep. Anyway, I will be home by evening to rejoice moments of our togetherness. That’s my Tenzin Tandin Euden AKA Tenzin Tantrum Euden.

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