Monday, March 14, 2016

Rest is all Ego

Che Dorji one of my blogger friend, wrote in his update some weeks ago, “The only difference between you and me is HUMAN, and rest is all EGO”. I was pondering on what he meant and I was trying to analyze situations where, what he wrote would better fit in. I have thought about numerous situations and conditions where this update of his perfectly fits in and relates to my personal anecdotes. Here are some of them.

You see, I like every other Thimphu resident make the weekend round to the Farmers Market for groceries and edibles. This is nothing new and everyone knows about the fee one must pay for parking your car. Just beside where I parked, a huge green SUV was already parked. We went about buying some veggies and others edibles and I was holding my 11 month old. We must have probably spent about 40-50 minutes of our time. On my return to the car, the green SUV driver was having a brawl with the parking fee collector. The brawl, as I hear later form the same parking fee collector was, the fee he was supposed to pay was 30 Ngultrum. The man in the SUV gave only 10. The poor man insisted on Nu: 30. That’s when the driver (Owner of the SUV) nearly punched the poor man. Without paying, the SUV left. The difference between two of them human, rest is…

I didn’t visit an ill friend because I was caught up with something personal at home and the other reason was, there were lots of people visiting that particular day. Later, I was a little edged by that friend in a professional way for not seeing him on that day. Although, I cannot claim that was professional but it inclined personal grudge. He meant it and I felt him. The only difference between us is human, rest is all ego.

I have for the time being, given up on the occasional mood swingers (beer) and I seldom meet my drinking buddies. I have an 11 month old to look after and she doesn’t take away her sight from me. It’s been a pretty long time now without having gone outside. I was also asked by the IELTS tutor on speaking test this question, “How often do you go outside?” After the test, I was wondering if I look like a person who is seen outdoors and liked going out. And now I hear a rumor in the air, “I have become miser and known the value of money”. The difference between the person who coined this out and me is only human, if you know what I mean.

Some people possess unimaginable ego and these are the ones who talk about the attitude problems blatantly and at a point blank range, not realizing their attitude is the problem to everyone. Such is the time these days. Sometimes, I too feel about keeping the same attitude and dealing in a way they deal but then it will only make me like them, not who I am. I realized to go about my own business and mind my own problems. That way its better, never bothered about others who only think of themselves before anyone else.

Now, the only difference between us and the rest of the world is human, and rest is all ego…

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