Friday, May 6, 2016

I know, you know and everybody knows…

I have been soul searching for the last five or so days to write about something. You can call that a temporary amnesia. Just when I was busy with school stuff I stumbled upon this picture. Looking closely at the picture I figured it to be the prize we were awarded for standing 2nd in the art competition held a year ago. Children who participated got a T-shirt each.

This picture was beautifully put into a brown wooden frame. Tashi Cell organized this event and we proudly took three students for the said event. It was held in the clock tower square. I accompanied the Arts Club coordinator for the competition.

Proudly winning the 2nd position we showed this picture during the morning assembly and we got ourselves a good applaud from everyone. Later, our prize was walled and decorated picturesquely. Recently, the picture was removed. It had some shabby duck tape and it was lying on a table used by none.

Ok first things first, the prize was 2 Mbps internet leased line for 6 months and people thoroughly enjoyed this free service. Can you believe that? Six months of free high speed internet! Sadly the picture was discarded. I was wondering, had it been some cups and shields it would still be there. Prizes are prizes after all, however small and meager it may be.

This put me into thinking, what was wrong if it was kept as it is… I also came up with a speculation, what harm could it possibly do to let it be?

Children who participated are gone…the uniform they wore for the event is gone… T shirts must have gone as well and finally the framed trophy is also gone. I am a little disturbed…if you know what I mean, but the people who made it available still lives. Prizes are prizes! I know but people with huge brains don’t seem to know this. I know, you know and everybody knows, something that may take days to get is shattered in a fraction of a second. Grudgingly true…

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