Thursday, May 26, 2016

When mistakes become headlines!

This is my first update in terms of brevity and I would like to keep it that way because I couldn’t help putting my thoughts into what happened.  

Watching the 9 pm news last night I panicked. The news was ‘MoLHR found unemployment rate had increased compared to the past year’ and secondly ‘Research showed favoritism as the most common form of corruption in the civil service’. The news was reprehensible. Fine!

If unemployment is brought down, that should be making headlines and if favoritism in the civil service is minimized or tackled seriously, that too should be making headlines. Not the other way around. This is sheer absurdity and ridiculous.  

I agree on the broadcasting part, but people involved in these two agencies should do some serious home works. What is the good done, if you tell a parent that his child has failed for the second consecutive time? It will only deepen the sorrow. It should rather be …… the child is made to work hard so that he/she doesn’t fail this time. Isn’t this morality? Not always but sometimes I feel you don’t need the brain of the almighty to come to conclusion that this is a serious mistake. Or this is right and that is wrong etc…

“If something is worth telling, it should be told twice”, I learned this long before I joined the civil service and my update ( only bolsters the news that they are right in making headlines. I owe this line to my teacher who taught me this. How true of him that he coined this universal dictum almost two decades ago. To him I pray, “The course of your teaching never did run smooth” Sorry I had to steal this lines from Shakespeare’s All’s well that ends well.

I have so many to put here but I thought and I still think when working everyone should work with a motto of reducing the mistakes and multiplying the success. Not that you proudly declare a mistake, come on the national TV with smiles from ear to ear charged with…I don’t know what!

Folks, listen to the news, there are so many absurd and bizarre things about our bureaucracy.

Happy listening to the news…


  1. U r absolutely right. Favouritism and bribery are the roots of corruption and we must not let it germinate in our system right from the beginning. Thanks for sharing your concern. It's my concern too.