Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Being at ease is better than being right…

I wonder if you readers would consider whether or not if this might qualify to be a blog post but here it is, I have penned down on something that crossed my mind recently.  I know the Nitty-Gritty hassles of everyday life is not worth a mention in writing but I couldn’t help penning it down because the thought ate up two nights of my time. For none and less readers, I might be considered a fool but for those enthusiasts who prefer writing and reading, this is just an anecdote to keep the practice alive and kicking. So happy reading!

This update is on my frustration on borrowing things when I didn’t hesitate to lend mine. Being selfish is the attitude of people when it comes to their belongings. You borrow or lend because you know the person firstly. Second, if there wasn’t some trust why give your things. This incident inspired me to post a Face book update in not so pleasing lines.

Forgetting mine at home, I borrowed a charger to be used for an hour or so. I had my cell phone down. Later, I was asked to bring back the same to which I agreed. I was in another room. The owner came twice asking for it. Grumbling, of course! I had to call someone to bring it for me and handed over to its rightful owner. Imagine the agonizing plight if I had borrowed some other things, especially cash.

All the good that we shared up until now is smacked by just a small speck of indecency and insecurity.  Being colleagues in the same office, one has to tolerate the other, however bad and nauseating it might be. Distances can be maintained and I am amazed at how people in the same office refrain from each other for years. Perhaps I should seek some mantra from them to keep the person who hurt me at bay. Let’s see if Oscar Wilde is correct, “Familiarity breeds contempt”.

I was asked by another one, “What happened to you? You look angry and disturbed”. I humbly replied saying people value their things and I sensed insecurity in them when I used their things. She smilingly remarked, “Shit Happens”.  

The very person I am referring to acts as if independent and I know this independence will someday shatter and when help is the only remedy available, how I wish it to be denied.  I want her to feel how I felt for her. Whatever sins I accumulate for mentioning or keeping this in my mind, I will accept it and for her doing on me, there must be a harsher sin mentioned in the books of Lord of Death. I wish to live to see this judgment.

Help must be sought and if you seek help from the wrong people, you will end up being upset. I would have retaliated on the very spot but; this act will only make me like her. I am a better human being than her. I stand at a higher plinth than her and I am now a better human than yesterday. I am being selective in my battles with the wrong doers because at times being at ease is better than being right. 


  1. As if you borrowed her hubby mosh. Humanity is just in dictionary now a days

    1. I can only imagine the exasperation if that was so...