Thursday, June 23, 2016

A moment’s pleasure may cause a lifetime of displeasure!

Divorces are as common as the common cold and extra marital affairs are as abundant as potatoes in the vegetable market, which sells throughout the year. Spouses going awry with families and affair with some other people are predominantly the reason for divorces and hiccups in relationships. Whoever is the culprit between spouses doesn't matter if their kid’s future is at stake. There are other higher and important things to take care than settling their differences. Despite this obvious fact, the separation is only increasing. Here in my school, a staggering number of my students belong to divorced and broken families.

I know a couple who are happily married with 2 kids. I knew them since college. They are senior to me. Last year, towards the fall I had some guests at home. Falling short of some beer I rushed to a bar nearby and got hold of some. As I was paying the bill, I saw the husband with a beautiful girl sipping some beer.  The husband on seeing me, put his index finger near his lips and, “Sh…………………………………..” A long one! To which I understood ‘don’t let his wife know about this.’ I knew he was drunk and falling short of words to say as I caught him, this was a huge embarrassment for him, I presumed. I never did say a word of this to his wife and another year passed by.

Beginning this year, I saw the wife in an embarrassingly awkward situation. My old high school friends (Class mates) had arranged a good dinner just to relive the high school days. People have come from far for this get-together session. We agreed over Facebook to meet after 15 years almost. The restaurant where we agreed to meet was a large one. Not all of the tables were reserved. Reaching there, there were others having some fun time and singing loudly in not so pleasing tunes and scale.

There over some beer session, I saw the wife this time in a corner with a young man merrily kissing each other in the shallow lights of the bar. This time the wife didn't see me. I went on with some beer, ate my dinner, took a lot many pictures which I think are not worthy of sharing and hurried home.  

After a month, while shopping for veggies at the Farmers market, I met the couple each holding their kids walking around hunting for veggies. I had my spouse and baby with me. We bumped into each other and shared “Hi, how are you, how’s kids, Wai shay sho wai, Nyam ta nu…all those stuff.”  In this case both of them have no idea what’s in each of their heads. I know what’s in their heads at least for now. I know their lies and affairs will someday impact their kid’s lives.

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I have a relative who is very much into all these extra marital stuff. She now flirts with everyone as if she will die the next moment. I am related to her through my uncle, who is now no more. While he was alive, she used to lie and make reasons here and there and is never home. She must have been in this business a long time because back then we were kids. After my uncle passed away, she never wasted her time with her kids. She enjoyed her time escorting people and every time we see each other, her partner would be a different looking man. My aunt didn't make herself available for her kids. Her daughter later married and succumbed to her mother’s habits. She is also a divorcee. We sometimes meet incidentally.

I can only conclude that not everyone shares the same feelings and emotions although we are all the same and interestingly I can further reassure that a moment of pleasure may cause a lifetime of displeasure. 


  1. A very pertinent issue u have brought up here. Extramarrital affairs r becoming common nowadays. I don't know how this can be addressed.

  2. This is not a new thing to mention and people have become immune to such practices. God bless us and thinking of the addressing part, I too dont have any idea how can this be addressed.