Thursday, May 19, 2016

As Irri as it may get...

I took a two day leave to attend to my wife at the hospital and I was dead tired. I and my Tenzin waited outside for hours, sometimes listening to music in the car and sometimes taking her out to some shades for the day was hot. Gosh! These days it’s unbearably hot. My personality defines me to be an impatient individual and I was irritated to have waited this long, I said some things to my wife. No hard feelings though.

As impatient as it may get, we drove back home in the afternoon and just below the junction from the hospital, an old lady and an attendant were making a cross to the other side. They were using the Zebra crossing. I was waiting for them to cross.

The moment I hit the brakes to make way for these women to cross, a car behind me honked at me. I looked out to see who it was, not necessarily wanting a brawl but to signal, ‘people are crossing’, then another honk. Then I lost my temper, I honked at her. It was a middle aged lady in an electric car. She honked again. I honked too.

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Then I moved ahead, she followed with several honks and I further reiterated my temper with my share of honks. Lastly, as I sped up, what I could do just raised my middle finger up in the air for her to see. Never had I been so pleased to gesture-ly indicate F*** you at someone who although drove an eco friendly car but with unfriendly knowledge on roads.  When every car is waiting before the zebra crossing for the pedestrians to cross, who the heck gave her the license not to stop and honk at the preceding car? That too on Zebra crossings! 

Shit happens and I believe in this annoying truth but drive your way in your own lane. She must have noted my license plate and I too noted her down. Should there be any formal complaints, I too would like to answer her in a way that is legitimate.

The picture I have posted in this update best describes my experience.

Happy Driving Folks!


  1. Haha we people are always funny. When a car is slow, somebody honks. when speeds up, somebody again honks. what do it mean?

  2. It means they have laid out their over emphasized egos before everything else Karma, I hope you do not do that.....kidding!