Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Musings on petty issues of human relationships!!!!

It has been always fascinating to write about people and their ways of doing things. Let me not put it as ‘characters’ because it is annoying and uneasy to hear it in a ‘humane’ perspective. As this humane relationship ‘humane’ as we call friendship is a little bit misjudged (god knows why). My version of the story is it is a little bit misunderstood in our way of life, the Bhutanese way for that matter, at least. It has remained a custom to nag, tease, make fun of, sometimes insult and downgrade our company in the midst of friends commonly termed ‘circle of friends’. Well that’s the bottom line of all human becoming friends. It has also been the custom to share to ‘another’ being about the friend you are close to about his(her) likes and dislikes to ‘create an impression about oneself’ in the eyes of another. This comes at a cost of down grading one to achieve the height of prestige, the other tries to achieve. I ‘f……..’ don’t understand this but this has been the Bhutanese norm of the so called, the cliché “FRIENDSHIP”.
It would mean, when people are on one side and you on the other, it would be a ‘Universal deceit’ as George Orwell put in his book, “1984”. Further airtel jingles puts it this way, “waise har ek friend zaroori hota hai”. Now as I write this piece, I lost a couple of my good friends just because of the aforementioned cause or you may like to call it the ‘causes’. As long as there is a bone, noses will be there to smell it, the old Bhutanese maxim reads!
Good luck, now go haunt your buddies!

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